Keep U-Haul in Rockville

Keep U-Haul in Rockville

U-Haul needs your support. Rockville’s U-Haul Moving & Storage at Randolph Road has been serving the community since 1983. The Montgomery County Transportation Department proposed a roadway plan in Rockville that would be detrimental to the community. The project would destroy 7 homes, 33 acres of woodlands, and 30 other businesses and properties, including the U-Haul at Randolph Rd. If the county succeeds, loyal customers will be forced to find alternatives that are inconvenient, cost prohibitive and in turn, harmful to the environment.

The center, located at 12025 Parklawn Drive, serves over 1,500 customers monthly and stores the belongings of approximately 300 storage customers and families in the community. Should the county take U-Haul Moving and Storage at Randolph Road, these customers will be displaced with the nearest U-Haul center a 30 minute drive away.

“We have been a big part of keeping Rockville moving for more than 30 years,” proclaimed Pat Goodwin, president U-Haul Company of Maryland. “By removing this community need, the county will not only increase the cost of our customers having to rent moving equipment elsewhere, but they will also be adding to the carbon pollution of our city’s environment. Our center in Rockville has helped decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 350+ tons in just the last year. We can not allow the county to displace our customers and harm the environment.”

Keep U-Haul in Rockville
26 year U-Haul Team member, Freddy Alfaro, in the hitch bay at U-Haul Moving & Storage at Randolph Rd.

U-Haul Moving and Storage at Randolph Road is also the second home to some wonderful U-Haul employees. One in particular is a 26 year employee and Hitch Specialist, Freddy Alfaro.

“When I come to work, I leave my problems at home and come here happy and ready to work,” stated Alfaro. “I enjoy making my customers happy and sometimes it’s as simple as cracking a few jokes with them.”

Goodwin often times will send new U-Haul Team members to learn from Alfaro. And years ago before he was his boss, Goodwin recalls learning from Alfaro. “Freddy does it all. He’s installs the most hitches in the entire U-Haul Company of Maryland. I’ve even watched his kids grow up over the years when they’ve visited him at work.”

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