Puppies Rescued From Abandoned U-Haul Truck

When one of our trucks or trailers goes missing because someone rented it and never returned it, we make an effort to track it down. However, the discovery of a recently stolen U-Haul truck in Kenner, Louisiana, turned out to be more than just a standard equipment recovery.

Area Field Manager (AFM) Gordon Murdock, UHC of Southern Louisiana, and team members at U-Haul Moving and Storage of Kenner, found an anbandoned U-Haul truck that had been rented in the New Orleans suburb a few weeks earlier by a customer who had no intention of returning it.

PuppiesUpon recovering the truck, the team needed to check if there was anything inside. Murdock cut the lock off the back and, to everyone’s surprise, when they opened the doors they were greeted by two large puppies.

The puppies were incredibly happy to see friendly faces and to be released from their cage inside the truck. The team members weren’t sure how long the puppies had been in the truck, but knew they had to have been there at least 24 hours, trapped in the dark with no food or water. Fortunately, the puppies were discovered before temperatures became too extreme.

In addition to contacting the authorities, team members cleaned the cage the puppies were found in, fed them and gave them water. After some searching, they were also able to find the puppies a new home.

Murdock and the team at U-Haul Moving and Storage of Kenner felt good knowing that because of their recovery, the puppies were rescued and are now safe and happy.

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