u-haul truck

Robert Ganal: The Specialist

LAS VEGAS—There’s a specialist in Las Vegas whose patients are quite unique. No, he’s not one of those plastic surgeons who makes people look like their favorite celebrity. His name…


U-Haul Promposals 2016

Promposals Last year… All those seniors in high school who were finally old enough to rent a U-Haul moving truck asked their dates to prom in the best way possible….

Former U-Haul truck with Daryl and Rick

“The Walking Dead” Features New Stars

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala.—What do landscapers, food truck owners and zombie apocalypse survivors have in common? They all look to U-Haul for a reliable for-sale truck to keep them in business….

Tonka U-Haul Truck in Box

One-of-a-Kind Replica U-Haul Truck

  When Rick Ruiz shows people his model truck collection, he can honestly say he has something that no one else has. But he’s not a multi-millionaire who buys rare…

10 Most Artistic Moving Day Photos

10 Most Artistic Moving Day Photos

Moving day isn’t necessarily the most popular day to put on your photography hat. However, if you keep your eyes open you might find that the opportunity for a great…