One-of-a-Kind Replica U-Haul Truck


Tonka U-Haul Truck in BoxWhen Rick Ruiz shows people his model truck collection, he can honestly say he has something that no one else has. But he’s not a multi-millionaire who buys rare collectibles at auctions.

At first glance, even the most casual toy collector would look at his truck and think, “I’ve NEVER seen a Tonka replica U-Haul truck like this. It must be extremely rare!” And they’d be right. In fact, Ruiz’s truck is one of a kind. Ruiz, an area field manager for U-Haul Company of Eastern Florida, created it himself.

“I have always liked the vintage toy U-Haul trucks from the past,” Ruiz explained. “I have two U-Haul pickups made by Nylint, but I have never seen a U-Haul Tonka toy pickup, so I made one.”

Tonka Rear-View CUTOUT
Ruiz disassembled the original truck, sandblasted it, powder-coated it, reassembled it and applied some U-Haul decals.

Ruiz bought a 1956 Tonka reproduction pickup—originally made in 1997—on eBay. It was blue and came with the original box, so Ruiz got to work creating his own U-Haul Tonka truck.

“I found a picture of a 1950s U-Haul pickup and used that for guidance,” he noted. “I disassembled it, sandblasted it, powder-coated it, reassembled it and applied some decals. When it was done, I placed it back into the original box to make it look like it had come this way originally.”

So there you have it: A U-Haul toy that even the most ardent collectors can’t claim to have in their collections!


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