Wax Times HQ Moves Record Collection Using U-Haul

Move an entire record collection down the street without losing track of a single record. This was the task at hand. With the help of U-Haul, Wax Times HQ was able to keep their record collection safe and intact during their move. Moving a record collection isn’t a hard task with the proper planning.   Wax Times suggests making a catalogue of the collection to ensure that everything gets from the box onto a shelf.

True collectors know the importance of protecting records. It’s not just that vintage vinyls accrue value over time but also because each one tells a story. To preserve these stories, preserve the records an in organized fashion. For any record collectors looking to make a move in the future, check out the tips below:

Avoid moving during extreme heat

Moving during extreme weather requires some planning. Extreme heat can warp and damage records. Moving in the early morning is the safest bet to keep records from warping. WaxTimes HQ made their move during the early hours of dawn to ensure their record collection stayed in pristine condition. There is no need to dish out the extra bucks for a climate-controlled truck, just move during the right time and the precious cargo will be just fine.

Pack with the right materials

Make sure all records are covered with an outer sleeve before putting them in boxes. Outer sleeves will protect records from outside moisture, dust and heat. It also keeps records from falling out of the cover during the packing and unpacking process. According to Wax Times, each small box should fits 60-80 records . Use bubble wrap for cushioning and filling in any extra space. Remember not to pack records in too tightly!

Pack with a method

The better a person packs, the easier it is to unpack. Some choose to pack genre by genre; other prefer to pack alphabetically. Whatever the method, remember that packing carefully now will save time later. Also, creating an inventory or catalogue of the records will make sure none are misplaced or lost during the move.


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