U-Haul Promposals 2016

Promposals Last year…

All those seniors in high school who were finally old enough to rent a U-Haul moving truck asked their dates to prom in the best way possible. These “promposals” were too creative not to share. Many used the witty catch phrase of, “Will U-Haul to prom with me?”, while others took some variations such as using their moving trucks as a “Prom Delivery Service”. We even had some real proposals with U-Haul trucks! 2015 was a crazy year.

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Promposals This Year…

The promposal season has just begun this year and once more we are seeing our happy 18-year-olds incorporate U-Haul in their celebrations. This year, we are continuing to see some of the classic promposals incorporating our U-Haul trucks, as well as this dancing analogy…

@eddiehovore describes what prom would be like with him by saying, “I got more moves than Uhaul”. How could you not be impressed with that? Afterall, U-Haul trucks travel the distance between Earth and Mars 11 times a year! @DChelossi, if your date is telling the truth, get ready for some pretty crazy dance moves come prom night.

Michael went all out on his promposal. Not only did he roll up in a U-Haul truck, but he pulled out a banner, a photo of Jazz’s face, yellow roses and buns. Yes actual buns. Michael brought 4 cinnamon rolls, glazed with yes, no and two squares. Talk about creativity! Pastries and puns aside, we know that Michael and Jazz will have a blast a prom.

If you’ve ever had a significant other gets along with your best friend or sibling, then you understand Madison’s experience too well. Whether its your birthday, anniversary, or in this case, prom, they will work together like secret agents behind your back to ensure that everything is perfect. Well Madison, from our end it looks like James is a keeper. Prom just isn’t complete without a moving truck.

@SantiLosTao switched things up a little bit. Of course he still used the classic U-Haul pun, but he decided to ask Gabi to prom in a pickup truck. He even got all of their friends together to help out in the big event. Talk about a great “pickup” line! (badum-ching)

Then we have the people out there who just know that nothing is as cool as rolling up to an event in a U-Haul truck. Limo? Psh. That is so cliché. Just ask Cam here — a U-Haul truck is where it’s at.


“I rented a 17 foot U-haul to ask my girlfriend to Prom. It was by far the coolest experience. Driving up in a U-haul and asking her to prom gave her the biggest smile ever. Thank you for making my Promposal epic!!”

Gabriel, we are so happy to have been a part of your epic adventure. Thanks for sharing this awesome #uhaulfamous photo with us! We hope you and Shira have a blast on prom night. If you thought driving your moving truck for to ask Shira to prom was exciting, just wait ’til you drive one again on your way to college!

What’s the most innovative use of a moving truck you’ve seen? Do you know of any interesting promposals? Share with us in the comments below!

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