Heroes Warehouse Fills Veterans’ Homes with Furniture

Heroes Warehouse of the Inland Empire in San Bernardino, Calif., is helping U.S. veterans get back on their feet.

The organization has been collecting and providing furniture to veterans in need for nearly three years. U-Haul is proud to assist in those efforts by offering moving truck donations to transport the gifted furniture.

Heroes Warehouse is a branch of Veterans Partnering with Communities, Inc., a nonprofit in Fontana that provides veterans with resources ranging from counseling, benefits information, Internet access and outreach programs.

veteransHeroes Warehouse originated in the home and heart of Mary Kelly-Mohr, a board member of Veterans Partnering with Communities. At the organization’s resource center, a veteran mentioned that he was in dire need of furniture.

Due to the passing of her mother, Mary had a house full of furniture and she generously donated it to the veteran and his family. Five trucks were needed to transport the furniture.

News of this act of kindness quickly spread, and it became known that Veterans Partnering with Communities was providing veterans with furniture. People soon began calling to say they had items to donate.

This grassroots organization has grown to the point where its current facility (4,000 square feet) is at maximum capacity.

As to why Heroes Warehouse was created, Mohr stated, “There are so many veterans who are homeless and are placed in housing with nothing inside their apartments, so we decided that this was a great way for us to give back to the community and to help with furnishing and assist other veteran housing programs as well.”

veteransDue to the large number of donations, Heroes Warehouse began using U-Haul vehicles to transport items to its facility.

“Having a U-Haul truck certainly makes picking up donations easier,” Mohr said.

For the last last large pickup, U-Haul donated a truck that was used to transport 100 beds given by Campus Crusades.

Mohr describes her organization’s relationship with U-Haul as a very positive one.

“U-Haul is extremely helpful and has very nice personnel,” she said. “U-Haul has afforded Heroes Warehouse to continue to make positive impacts on the lives of our veterans.”

U-Haul is proud to be working with Heroes Warehouse, and we thank them for all they do in the community.

For more information on U-Haul in the community visit us here.

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