Advice for College Students

Advice for College StudentsU-Haul is passionate about education and loves to support college students in an easy move or help moving on from college into the career world.  U-Haul believes in hiring interns and helping them gain the experience they need for their future careers.  At U-Haul these interns experience first-hand what it means to be an employees and to make a difference in the day to day functions of a successful company.  The interns I have worked with so far are talented, intelligent and ready to take on the world.

Back to school is here now!  Freshman are starting their college education, college students are going back to school and graduates are starting on new adventures. Starting school feels exciting and sometimes overwhelming.  Here is some advice for college students from us to U for making the most of your college experience!

“Don’t go with the norm.  Go past your comfort zone because that is where you will grow.” – Paige Eagles

“Get Involved!  It’s a great way to keep a balanced life and meet people with similar interests.” – Michelle Cozzi

‘Learn to budget your money so you aren’t scraping pennies to eat.” – Lynnie Nguyen

“Save yourself money and don’t buy textbooks from the bookstore.  Ask other people in your major for their old ones or look for them on Amazon, BookRenter or first.” – Daisy Prado

“Take part in extra curricular activities.  I never did and looking back I really wish I had.  Embrace it while you can, because it doesn’t last as long as you think it will.” – Timothy Armstrong

“Enjoy the next 4 years of the beginning of the rest of your life!  Make friends, make memories, get involved and have fun!” – Alison Antone

“Travel. This may be the only real time your life where the responsibilities allow for you to do so. And remember that those student loans take a lot of time to pay back.” – Ken Schneider

“Move light for your first semester at school.  If you can go a couple of months without it, you probably don’t need it.  If you find there is something you find you need, you can always have it shipped, or buy a new one later.” – David McMeekin

What advice would you offer a college student or one moving to college? Share with us in the comments below

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