Award-Winning Workplace Wellness

U-Haul has been selected as an Environmental Excellence Awards finalist for the 2015 Arizona Forward EEA Healthy Communities Award. (Insert celebratory cheering here – yes, you!).   The EEA ceremony is held each year in Phoenix and highlights local company programs.  U-Haul is headquartered in Phoenix and understands that workplace wellness nurtures work well done.  As a finalist, U-Haul will be presented with either an Award of Merit, or the coveted Crescordia Award at the ceremony September 12th.

U-Haul Corporate Headquarters in Phoenix

On average, more than 1,000 U-Haul employees participate in the Phoenix and Tempe Annual Health fairs which provide free vaccines for flu and pneumonia; free wellness screenings for BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, hearing, and bone density; and vendor booths to promote vision care, dental care, weight loss, healthy eating choices, free exercise classes, insurance options, and savings plans.

U-Haul offers free onsite fitness classes before work, during lunch and after work, as well as a free smoking-cessation program and health club membership reimbursements of $25/month.

U-Haul encourages use of stairs in Corporate Towers

U-Haul pays all fees for employees to attend continuing 8-week sessions of Weight Watchers onsite at their workplace, and groups often walk together during lunch.  Neither rain nor snow stops these strolling employees (okay, yes, it’s Phoenix, so there’s not a lot of rain or snow…). Building signage next to all Corporate Tower elevators states “Up 2, Down 3” to encourage use of stairs for better health and wellness, as well as less energy consumption for the building.

The onsite cafeteria provides cooked-to-order breakfast and lunch, and provides healthy afternoon snacks. The café features all locally-sourced products, healthy versions of commercial recipes (such as baked, not fried), menu options for vegetarian, gluten-free, and low-sodium diets, as well as point values for Weight Watchers food.  As a further commitment to sustainability, the café provides eco-friendly utensils and carry-out boxes, and has no Styrofoam products whatsoever.

U-Haul not only met, but exceeded the requirements for all six Healthy Community award criteria, including 1) Preserving, Protecting and Enhancing Environmental Resources, 2) Demonstrating a Commitment to Environmental Quality and Creating a Positive Impact on Health and Wellness, 3) Facilitating Community Engagement, Collaboration and Public/Private Partnerships Toward Innovative Sustainability Programs, Projects or Services, 4) Contributing to a Sustainable Environment Through Resource Conservation and Innovation, 5) Advocating Policies and Plans That Foster Livable, Sustainable Communities and Regional Connectivity and Healthy Workplaces, and 6) Contributing to a Sustainable Environment Through Resource Conservation and Innovation.

Stay tuned, the awards ceremony will be held September 12th in Phoenix, Arizona. You can read more about the awards at


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