Top 10 Ways U-Haul Makes Back to School Easy

It’s that time. College students are making their way back to school for the start of fall semester.
Whether you are traveling hundreds of miles from home or across town, U-Haul has your back-to-school move covered.

U-Haul can’t keep you from walking in the wrong class or force your roomies to clean up their mess in the bathroom, but there are many ways U-Haul can take the stress out of your student move. Here are our top 10 tips:

Top 10 Ways U-Haul Helps with Moving Back to School
U-Haul trucks fit everything a college boy needs.

1. Don’t spend hours trying to stuff your new futon into a compact car. Reserve a truck instead. Not only are U-Haul trucks 50 percent easier to load than the competition, but there are also a variety of sizes available to perfectly suit your needs.

2. Instead of letting a less-than-reliable friend (or parent) drive your car to that college dorm or apartment, rent an auto transport. Save time and money by attaching the transport to the back of your U-Haul truck to get everything done in one trip.

3. If you already have a hitch, avoid extra costs by renting a trailer. U-Haul trailers are perfect for securing your bookshelf, bike and boxes of clothes. If you don’t have a hitch yet, did you know U-Haul is the largest installer of permanent trailer hitches in the automotive aftermarket industry?

4. Protecting your belongings on the drive back to campus doesn’t have to be hard work. Check out the U-Haul online store for moving supplies, which includes everything from furniture pads to shoe boxes. As an added bonus, you can usually score free in-store pick up.

Top 10 Ways U-Haul Helps with Moving Back to School
Moving back to college should be fun, not stressful.

5. One of the biggest struggles of moving is getting those heavy items to the truck. Luckily, U-Haul has a great selection of moving dollies to get that mini-fridge loaded up safely. Trust me: those mini-fridges are heavier than they look!

6. Moving into a dorm or a shared apartment usually means downsizing, but that doesn’t mean banishing your valuables to the porch or your car’s trunk. U-Haul offers clean and safe storage facilities all across the U.S. and Canada. Plus, you get your first month free with a one-way truck or trailer rental.

7. Flying to your college destination? No problem! Instead of paying extra baggage fees or trying to pretend your 70-pound suitcase is a carry-on, use Collegeboxes, powered by U-Haul. Shipping your items directly to school cuts out the lifting and lets you to bring only the essentials in your airplane luggage.

8. Being a light packer is hard work and usually takes years of practice. Lucky for you, a U-Box container can hold a room and a half of household items and can be stored in a secure warehouse for as little as a few weeks or as much as a few years, until you’re ready to have it delivered to your door. It is the ideal option for storing your belongings between semesters when you return home from school over summer or winter break.

Top 10 Ways U-Haul Helps with Moving Back to School
Even bewildered college students can figure things out with the many services U-Haul offers.

9. Your parents don’t need any extra strain this time of year. They’re already saying “goodbye” to their favorite child … assuming you’re their favorite child. Save dad the backaches and spare mom the extra tears by hiring affordable and top-rated Moving Helpers through our online marketplace.

10. Having plenty of boxes is essential when moving to school, but with the help of U-Haul, you won’t have to drag empty boxes across campus in search of a recycling bin. Check out U-Haul’s sustainable box sharing programs to cut down on waste and save you – as well as the next student – some money.

As the summer winds down, keep U-Haul in mind because we have you and your pending move to college in mind. The back-to-school season has the potential to be stressful, but U-Haul can help make your transition an easy one.

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