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Springfield Mass Veggie TransportA U-Haul truck is a tool many DIY movers use to relocate their belongings, but our helpful equipment wears many hats figuratively speaking. Some are used to transport camping equipment. Some helped return rescued wildlife back home. Some even get converted to mobile homes and living spaces! One New England resident added another hat to the U-Haul function collection— using a cargo van to assist with a mobile fresh market.

   Fresh produce is abundant this time of the year, but for the elderly, poor, and disabled, making the trip to a supermarket poses a problem. A problem Michael Silkhorn uses his U-Haul cargo van to help solve. Making 10 stops around Springfield through the week, the Go Fresh Mobile market brings nutritious, hearty vegetables and fruits to the community at affordable prices.

Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Silkhorn uses a cargo van to load up with the days food to sell. Once at the destination, the Live Well Springfield Movement begins as the tent is set up while the locals line up. Silkhorn only sells locally produced food from Gardening the Community in Springfield, New Lands Farm in West Springfield, and Next Barn Over in Hadley. It doesn’t get anymore sustainable than this!Springfield Mass Veggie Transport

The goal of the market is to promote healthy lifestyles for all, and not profit based. The produce is only marked up 20 percent– barley enough to cover costs of the employees. Food stamp beneficiaries also receive a 50 percent discount on their purchases. This is made possible with the support of sponsors like Health New England, The Davis Foundation, and Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan.

The mobile market has more to offer than just food! During each stop, food storage tips, recipes, nutritionists, and food demonstrations are also offered. Bring your family recipes along as well, as the Go Fresh Mobile Market is collecting recipes to post and share with the locals!

The Go Fresh Mobile Market began its fifth season on July 8th and will run through October 31st.

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