Environmental, Health and Safety

At U-Haul, our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) vision enables us to meet goals, today and into the future, by delivering U-Haul EHSleading environmental, health and safety performance which is consistent with our corporate sustainability goals. For U-Haul; sustainability means embracing our responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen and we are continuously refining our products, services and activities to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. EHS operations are carried out in a way that provides a common framework connecting business operations with the systematic management of EHS risks, opportunities and impact. We accomplish this goal by continuously measuring and improving performance.

Environmental – The focus on sustainability aligns our company’s daily business operations today and those of tomorrow with sustainable business and environmental practices. Many U-Haul Centers often carry out projects to minimize their environmental impact, some of these projects can include:

  • Energy-Efficient Lighting & Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems – saves energy and reduces CO2
  • Permeable Ground Cover – allows filtration, which recharges the ground water supply
  • Van Body Storage – Reuse of old truck bodies eliminates waste
  • Weatherization – energy-efficient windows, doors and insulation of building to reduce energy consumption and optimize efficiency

Compliance – At U-Haul, Compliance is only a starting point for our commitment to meeting and exceeding EHS. When necessary and appropriate, we establish and comply with standards of our own design, which frequently go above and beyond requirements. Further, we monitor or EHS compliance and are always looking for opportunities to improve our EHS performance.

Conservation – Company products, programs, services, processes and facilities are committed to establishing goals that are geared toward eliminating waste and conserving energy, water and other resources. When waste cannot be avoided, we are committed to reducing, reusing, recycling, treatment and disposal in ways that minimize undesirable effects on our environmental and natural resources.

Employees – U-Haul team members are our company’s greatest asset and we are committed providing them all with a healthy and safe environment to work and grow with us. Overall safety and health training programs start on every team member’s first day to help ensure all preventable incidents never occur. Additionally U-Haul promotes and offers team members benefits and education to ensure they and their families are able to stay healthy and make healthy lifestyle choices.

This is a publication of U-Haul Corporate Sustainability

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