Reuse at U-Haul – Truck Bodies Given 2nd Life

After their truck-sharing days are over, many U-Haul trucks are sold to take on a variety of new uses for individuals and businesses. Others remain in the U-Haul family, but are given a second life with a much different purpose. Sustainable modular self-storage involves the reuse of U-Haul moving truck bodies to create self storage rooms.  This protects resources and eliminates the energy usage needed to manufacture new construction materials of concrete, wood, steel and plastics.

To date, U-Haul has converted more than 5,200 truck bodies to sustainable modular self-storage units, providing more than 640,000 square feet of self-storage and avoiding more than 11,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Here is how the process works:

Multiple boxes are detached from U-Haul moving trucks and lined up.

Entity 722057 lifting van bodyEntity 722057 van bodies on pgcover

Siding is applies to the units, which are then painted.

truckstorage2 Entity 722057 painting


The units are then imaged, finishing the conversion from a truck box to a quality self-storage unit. The entire process is done without giving off any emissions that happen when mixing and pouring concrete!

schafer848082 Picture 207

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