Patriot Trucks are Repurposed for Reuse

The Patriot Creative Group is founded on the sustainable principle of reuse. Patriot trucks are repurposed and retired U-Haul trucks which reuse all salvageable parts and materials. In order to recycle and reuse retired U-Haul truck inventory, trucks are leased monthly to offer a unique and practical asset to businesses of all sizes. The repurposed trucks are operational, licensed, patriot truckinsured, and ready for use. Patriot trucks provide multiple benefits to businesses including marketing, storage, transportation and delivery, among other commercial uses. Patriot trucks allow businesses to maximize their advertising visibility while minimizing their environmental impact. When a business uses a patriot truck, they avoid the additional cost associated with the construction of new signage. Repurposing trucks also avoids the potential use of raw materials, harmful materials and any components which are typically part of the manufacturing process of new billboards or signs. All the money saved in materials and manufacturing is passed along to our customers making Patriot Truck Leasing one of the most affordable forms of advertising. A repurposed Patriot Truck costs a fraction of other marketing options, but has been proven to increase marketing visibility and reach. When leased, each truck is allowed a certain mileage allotment which also reminds businesses to plan trips wisely and reduces any unnecessary vehicle-travel emissions into the environment.  You Patriot truckcan choose the size of truck that is best for your business and you have the freedom as to where to place or move your truck. Here is what some of our customers have noted while using repurposed Patriot trucks for their business:

“Patriot Truck is a unique and effective way to advertise to potential customers showing our great promotions which will bring them into our stores.”

-Anthony Salvatico, Sprint

“I researched a lot of different advertising. I decided to get a Patriot Truck because of the price and the effectiveness. I’ve found over the years that you have to name-brand your business to draw in more customers. My Patriot Truck has done that for me.”

-Paul Gilbert, Masterbend Automotive

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This is a publication of U-Haul Corporate Sustainability

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