Labor Day at U-Haul

Phil SchneeMost people today think of Labor Day as the end of summer, a day off to enjoy a barbecue with friends and family. In actuality, Labor Day was created by the 19th century labor movement and it celebrates the contributions of the American worker.

It is not hard to find hard workers at U-Haul. You will notice their efforts and dedication in the field and at the corporate office. Team Members strive to put their customers first. The passion for the customer has led to a secure business that has thrived for 70 years. That stability, hard work and teamwork are only a few of the reasons U-Haul is known for tenure in their employees.Henry Kelly

A large part of the success U-Haul has enjoyed has come from these hard workers. Not a day goes by without an anniversary celebration. Labor Day at U-Haul is the perfect time to say thank you to those employees that have paved the way for the rest of us and have dedicated yourself for so many years.  “There can’t be a Haul without U.” U-Haul is proudly celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Below we have listed the names of active employees that have been with U-Haul for 40 years or more. It is amazing to see that some of these team members have been here almost as long as the company itself!

 Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and teamwork!

Robert Allen (40)
Sandra Graham (40)
Betty Worley (40)
Richard Pyka (40)
Frederick Sallean (40)
William Meglich (40)
Lanny Olds (40)
John Norris (40)
Kenneth Patchell (40)
Connie Bartlett (41)
Alan Demali (41)
Delia Frank (41)
James Crosby (41)
Robert Winter (41)
Mary Rivera (41)
William Newton (41)
Carolyn Jones (42)
Victoria Kennedy (42)
John Brick (42)
Alan Weinstein (42)
Alva Townsend (42)
Dennis Snelling (42)
Gregory Foster (42)
Sylvia Fabela (42)
Jeanette Nelson (42)
Peter Blaskowski (42)
Mark Lusk (42)
Donald Sandusky (42)
Donald Bentz (42)
Charles Ridpath (42)
Clayton Collins (43)
Peggy Lenzini (43)
M D White (43)
Pamela Allen (43)
Ralph Poe (43)
David Barry (43)
Robert Dudley (43)
Harold McAdoo Jr. (43)
Evangeline Moreno (43)
John Pierret (43)
Melinda Galvez (43)
Sharon Wall (43)
Jimmie Harding (44)
Dennis Rutledge (44)
John Kirsch (44)
Dennis Brinton (44)
Janet Barto (44)
Pamela Davis (44)
Bob Crahan (44)
James Swaney (44)
Daniel Bennett (44)
Lance Brumfield (45)
Henry Brewer (45)
Nancy Connolly (45)
Fannie Owens (45)
Layton Baker (45)
Gary Freier (46)
Gary Horton (46)
William Folk (46)
Corinne Chavira (46)
Joseph Di Lauro (46)
George Soper (46)
Merle Baker (47)
Theresa Sanchez (47)
Margie Winship (48)
Douglas Ledbetter (48)
Robert Marden (480
Phillip Reis Jr. (48)
Nathaniel Washington (48)
Charles Smith (49)
Irma De Tour (50)
Francis Crahan (52)
Billy Coffey (53)
Francisco Castillo (55)
Ronald Frank (57)
Henry Kelly (58)
Logan Frank (60
Phillip Schnee (60)

Thank you to all Team Members of U-Haul for your hard work and have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!

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