The Top 9 #Uhaulfamous Cars

It’s an undeniable fact – cars are awesome. And is there any way to show off your awesome car better than having it’s image plastered on U-Haul trucks all across the United States and Canada? No way! Out of the thousands of #uhaulfamous photos we’ve seen featuring all kinds of vehicles, we picked our faves to share with all of you. Some are cool, others are fun, and a couple are just plain cute, but here are “The Top 9 #Uhaulfamous Cars”!

Top 10 #Uhaulfamous Hot Rods
Submitted by Joe Birtles from Grand Rapids, Michigan

This one reminds us of Bumblebee from Transformers! The only difference is this one is older, more stylish, and it can’t fight off an alien invasion. #StillAwesomeThough

Top 10 #Uhaulfamous Hot Rods
Submitted by Brody Love from Weatherford, Texas

Here’s our pick for the #uhaulfamous vehicle we would want the most during the alien invasion mentioned above. Solid, sturdy, and dependable. Also, it looks enormous on top of that Auto Transport.

Submitted by @mr_hawn73 from Orlando, Florida

Proof that it doesn’t take a big truck to haul a trailer! With the right hitch even a show-car can do work!

Top 10 #Uhaulfamous Hot Rods
Submitted by Ryan Erb

They better not be planning on loading that into the truck! Don’t they know transporting a car inside one of our trucks isn’t allowed? Maybe we can make an exception for this one.

Top 10 #Uhaulfamous Hot Rods
Submitted by @lilyellowb from Phoenix, Arizona

Once you add flames to a car it immediately gains +5 to it’s “Legit Level”. Once you add the U-Haul logo though, the level can’t even be measured any more. #OffTheCharts

Top 10 #Uhaulfamous Hot Rods
Submitted by Greg Stoicheff

Who let this little guy get behind the wheel! We think he has a few more years of growing up to do before he can handle such a large truck!

Top 10 #Uhaulfamous Hot Rods
Submitted by Rich Erickson

Here’s a little #TBT #uhaulfamous #automotive flair! We’ve been going strong for 70 years with no plans of slowing down!

Top 10 #Uhaulfamous Hot Rods
Submitted by Jose Villalobos

It may not be pretty right now, but many people use U-Haul trailers to get their next project home to work on. Give it some time, and you might not even recognize this truck anymore!

VW Bus on Auto transport
Submitted by Shawn P.

Keeping this VW bus off of the salty roads is a smart move by our customer Shawn P from PA.

Black Beauty on Auto Transport
Submitted by Richard S.

Bonus** As far as cars that we’d want in our garage, this probably tops the list. #Classic

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Which one of these #uhaulfamous cars is your favorite? We want to know! Tell us in the comments!

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