It’s A ReLeaf to Thank You

Since December 2011, more than 83,000 (and counting!) U-Haul customers have chosen to contribute to Tree Canada at time of renting a truck or trailer.  These contributions support planting trees throughout Canada to help “Grow Clean Air’.  In a recent project this summer, Tree Canada and U-Haul partnered to protect existing emerald ash trees in The City of Peterborough.  In their native Asia, borers don’t cause much damage. However, in OnPhoto credit: ndinvasives.orgtario and Quebec, the insects have no natural predators. Their larvae are deadly to ash trees. They eat the trunks’ insides until nutrients can no longer reach the crowns, causing ash trees to die.

To combat the borer, an effective insecticide called TreeAzin is administered by drilling holes in the tree trunk and injecting the liquid with large syringes. Injections of TreeAzin help prevent infestations of the emerald ash borer, ensuring these trees grow and enrich the urban forest of The City of Peterborough. TreeAzin is the only pesticide used for this initiative as it is an effective natural product with very low environmental toxicity.

emerald ash injections
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Since the ReLeaf program launch in May 2015, Thank You notes have poured into both Tree Canada and U-Haul mailboxes.  Here are a few featured comments from grateful tree owners:

“We have a large ash tree in our backyard and were worried about losing it to the Emerald ash borer as it is present in our town. This tree provides shade for our home, which reduces our need for air conditioning which in turn helps the environment.  Again, many thanks for helping to defray the cost and helping us to preserve our lovely tree.”

“I was able to treat the ash tree on my property, in part because of the subsidy that was provided through the ReLeaf program.  I appreciate your interest in protecting urban forests and I hope that this program can continue into the future, since I understand it will take approximately 10 years for the ash borer to fully vacate the province.”

“As a property owner in Peterborough, Ontario I want to thank you and U-Haul for contributing to the ReLeaf Program which Tree Canada has established to protect ash trees in our community.”

While total eradication of these destructive borer pests is not immediate, it’s a great start to protect urban forests for years to come. Thanks to all our U-Haul customers who have and who continue to support the Tree Canada organization. You are making a difference!

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