Sustainable Furniture Pads

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle; Three words that any environmentally conscience person is familiar with. The three R’s help to lessen the amount of natural resources, energy, and waste we consume and produce. Everyday actions and consumption affect our environment greatly, and it is the responsibility of businesses and humans worldwide to enact change. U-Haul’s commitment to sustainability and green living brings these three words to life through various products, programs and initiatives– One product in Reduce. Reuse. Recyle. Furniture Padsparticular being our rental furniture pads. With high requests U-Haul purchases over a million new pads annually, and with the help of vendors, have created a product that is light on the environment and our customer’s wallet.

Recycle. In 1997, a collaboration between U-Haul and Lee Jeans Co. led way to environmentally friendly furniture pads. Who would have thought that denim materials could lead to protective gear to assist with your move? Pre-consumer waste, including fabrics, trims, and textiles used to manufacture jeans, are combined and converted into the furniture pads we have all come to love.

Reduce. Using denim material helps avert over 2.4 million pounds of materials in landfills per year! What would be considered waste is given new life to serve another purpose. When making furniture pads there is no additional water used because there is no need to grow cotton. There are also no added pesticides or dye used as the pads reflect the color of their materials past life. The reduction of natural resources benefits the environment.

Reuse. The reclamation process does not effect the overall quality of our furniture pads. These are the best produced pads in the industry and are made to last. The non-woven material is colorfast, soft, thick, and can keep your belongings scratch free in the moving process. They can be used over and over again!

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