The Top 10 #Uhaulfamous Friends

When it comes time to move, it’s always helpful to have some good friends around – especially strong ones! The job gets done faster, and everyone has a better time when you’re in good company. Over the past year we’ve seen some excellent #Uhaulfamous submissions featuring friends helping each other move. Here are 10 of our favorites!

Uhaulfamous Friends
Submitted by @slimmin_lynn

Every group of friends has a wildcard, and they make great company while moving! Nothing like a few laughs to make the day move along.

Uhaulfamous Friends
Submitted by Sam Alrefai

Work is always more fun when you’re friends with your co-workers, and life at U-Haul is no exception!

Uhaulfamous Friends
Submitted by Morgan

Just because you’re with your friends doesn’t mean you won’t get photobombed!

Uhaulfamous Friends
Submitted by Brittany Miles

We think they might be doing this wrong. The dolly is used to move your household items, not your friends!

Uhaulfamous Friends
Submitted by @where_is_ed_ from Boston

It’s always wise to take a break at some point during your move. Most people choose to do so on a comfy sofa – normally indoors. This shot proves the indoors part is optional.

Uhaulfamous Friends
Submitted by Clay Thomson from New York

With a moving crew like this, you’re guaranteed to get the work done quickly and have a great time while you’re doing it!

Uhaulfamous Friends
Submitted by Mike from Philadelphia

Team work at it’s best! An enthusiastic high five shared in celebration of a job well done!

Uhaulfamous Friends
Submitted by Stephen from Dallas

It’s always fun to see how the different personalities in a friendship can come together to make something completely unique!

Uhaulfamous Friends
Submitted by Mindy Humphrey

These pups may not offer much help with the heavy lifting, but they are definitely best friends and exceptional when it comes to keeping the team’s morale high!

Submitted by Drew

Siblings are normally known for their quarrels and rivalry, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be the best of friends. These two are living proof!

Do you and your friends want to be Uhaulfamous? Submit them to or post them to Instagram with #Uhaulfamous in the comment!

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