U-Haul Supports the Gold Star Mothers Dinner

On the eve of Gold Star Mother’s Day, observed on the last Sunday in September, a Gold Star banquet was held at the Sheraton Pentagon City in Arlington, Va.

The dinner was hosted by American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., an organization of mothers who have lost sons or daughters while serving the U.S. Armed Forces. The American Gold Star Mothers was established in 1928 and chartered by Congress in 1984.

U-Haul was honored to support this year’s banquet on behalf of longtime partner and friend to U-Haul, American Gold Star Mother Kathryn Cross.

“It was so special to share the evening of the Gold Star dinner with my dear U-Haul friends,” Kathryn stated. “For me, it was like spending the evening with family I had not seen in a while. It was so nice to participate and not to feel alone. I thank my U-Haul family with all of my heart for that.”

Kathryn, a gifted artist who has been illustrating cards for veterans since 2009, creates six pieces of art annually to be printed on greeting cards for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas. Kathryn creates the illustrations in honor of her son, Tyler J. Connely, who was killed in action while serving.

U-Haul and Kathryn joined forces six years ago. U-Haul prints and delivers more than 200,000 of Kathryn’s cards annually to veterans all over the world. U-Haul Team Members throughout the Company have volunteered with Kathryn and other Gold Star Mothers to distribute the cards at Veterans Affairs hospitals across the U.S. and Canada. The cards even get distributed to Navy ships at sea.

“Being a part of the Gold Star dinner was a true honor and very humbling. This was my second time seeing and working with Kathryn Cross, who is an exceptional human being,” said Amanda Kirsch, U-Haul Company of Metro D.C. president. “These ladies are very courageous for sharing stories of their lost sons or daughters. Not only are they Gold Star Mothers, they have hearts of gold as well.”

Gold Star Mothers Banquet Dinner“My wife, Jen, and I were honored to attend the Gold Star dinner in Pentagon City this year,” said Pat Goodwin, U-Haul Company of Maryland president. “U-Haul is a very proud supporter of our Gold Star Mothers and families, and we were truly honored to be part of this special event with our great friend Gold Star Mother Kathryn Cross.”

U-Haul is proud to partner with the American Gold Star Mothers and is looking forward to our future endeavors.

Did you know U-Haul is nationally recognized as a top veteran-friendly employer? Click here to learn more about our commitment to veterans and visit uhauljobs.com to check out U-Haul employment opportunities.

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