Don Super: More Than Just a Name

After 70 years in the moving industry, Team U-Haul knows what it takes to keep U-Haul trucks and trailers running smoothly … and it’s much more involved than regular oil changes and accurate tire pressure.

Since the launch of the U-Haul Technician Training Program, shop team members are better equipped to keep up with this ever-changing field. Thanks to these hardworking team members, U-Haul equipment is serviced efficiently and then is back on the road, helping customers with their moving adventure.

A select few hold the title of U-Haul Trained Master Technician. To earn this title, a technician must complete all of the training courses and pass the mastery exams in each of the specialty areas of the U-Haul Technician Training Program. It’s the pinnacle of all U-Haul technicians, and not everyone can claim this prestigious distinction. Don Super, a lead person at Kar-Go Service Center of Houston, is a Master Technician as well as a cancer caregiver.

Don Super Headshot
U-Haul Trained Master Technician Don Super

Meet Don

Super has been with U-Haul since July 2012.

“I started out with changing oil,” he recalled, “and then I moved up to team leader, and the tasks that came with it. Now, thanks to having become a U-Haul Trained Master Technician, I’m working in pre-inspection.”

Super emphasized that the U-Haul Technician Training Program is a boon to team members and the Company alike.

“This program definitely sharpens your skills and widens your knowledge base by renewing and then building on what you learned in the past,” he noted. “You wind up being a much better technician once you’ve completed your studies.”

According to Super, the most difficult course in the learning regimen was the one covering the power train.

Don Super Under Hood 2
Super says the U-Haul Technician Training Program makes it easier for him to pass along what he’s learned.

“It was the most challenging,” he acknowledged, “because you’re dealing with computers, sensors and a truck’s electrical system.”

But the outcome was tremendously beneficial for Super, as he now sees himself as a more capable team member, as well as a more motivated teacher.

“I am now better able to pass along what I’ve learned,” Super explained. “When this facility hires entry-level people, I’m more confident when showing them how to do things. Their jobs are made easier because I can pass along increased knowledge.”

Mother’s motivation

In addition to his duties at the shop, Super helps care for his 79-year-old mother, who is waging a tough, ongoing fight against cancer.

Don Super Inside Cab
Super says his mother’s battle with cancer served as his motivation.

“She had some rough times last year,” he remarked, “but she’s doing much better. And, she’s been a great source of inspiration for me, insisting that I get it done. ‘If it’s going to be beneficial,’ she’d tell me, ‘go get it done.’

“As she lay on the couch ill, I’d be sitting next to her with my computer on my lap,” Super stated. “My mom kept pushing me to get the courses finished, whatever it took. I’m really grateful for all the encouragement she gave me!”

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