Longtime U-Haul Self-Storage Customers

MONTREAL—U-Haul celebrates the service anniversaries of its team members—five years, 10 years, 15 years … all the way up to however long they’ve been with the Company. But what about longtime self-storage and business-offices customers? Surely they deserve meritorious mention, too.

We agree, and that’s why we’re honoring self-storage customers Rolland Bérubé (23 years), Jean-Louis Saindon (23 years) and Lynda Bernard (20 years). Read on as they tell us why their relationship with U-Haul self-storage, and in particular Storage Center Manager Micheline Beauregard, U-Haul de Saint-Léonard pour le déménagement et l’entreposage (U-Haul Moving and Storage of Saint-Léonard), has been so mutually beneficial over the years.

Rolland Bérubé

For Rolland Bérubé, the key determining factors in choosing U-Haul self-storage were convenience and security.

“The storage center is very close to me, right on the street corner,” Rolland declared. “There were office set-ups as well as storage rooms at the facility,” he continued, “and the security cameras were very important to me.”

Rolland is president and board member of Les Ascenseurs A-1 Technic Inc., a company performing elevator maintenance, renovation and repairs. He rents office space from the center to store his business goods and is there seven days a week.

Rolland said he wouldn’t hesitate to refer his family and friends to Micheline and U-Haul self-storage.

“I’ve been using U-Haul self-storage at this center since 1992,” he said, “and I’m really happy to be there.”

longtime U-Haul self-storage customers
Left to right: Rolland Bérubé, Micheline, Lynda Bernard, Jean-Louis Saindon and MCP Claude Boucher of U-Haul of Western Quebec.

Jean-Louis Saindon

For Jean-Louis Saindon, the key factor in his decision to rent from Micheline’s center is the flexibility offered by U-Haul.

“By flexibility, I mean that I rent by the month, with no fixed term,” Jean-Louis mentioned. “Added to that is convenience. This storage center is well located on Auto Route 40.”

Jean-Louis, who runs an accounting firm and accesses his work area three times a week, maintains an air-conditioned/heated office at the center for professional use. From time to time, he rents additional space when he needs to store personal goods.

“Over the years,” Jean-Louis said, “I’ve known other businesspeople, but Micheline has made this whole place wonderful.”

Lynda Bernard

Lynda Bernard chose U-Haul self-storage back in 1995, when she was ending a business relationship with a colleague.

“After the decision to go our separate ways,” she explained, “I wasn’t sure I wanted to sign a long-term commercial lease. One of my clients was renting an office space at the St-Léonard location, and said it was a nice place … and that rent was paid monthly without the necessity of a lease.  It was supposed to be temporary, but I have been there since then.

“I also rent a storage space for the storage of all my files and documents,” she added. “As a notary, I have to keep documents of clients for 10 years after the rendering of service.”

Like Rolland and Jean-Louis, Lynda uses climate-controlled self-storage space, which facilitates preservation of her documents and also makes access more pleasant. Additionally, the security and accessibility of the storage center were factors that made Lynda choose U-Haul. She accesses her office space daily, and her storage space weekly or every other week.

“I have recommended U-Haul storage and office spaces to clients and friends, and I will continue to do so because the St-Léonard location is very well kept and managed,” Lynda praised, “and the team members are very professional.”

longtime U-Haul self-storage customers
Simon, Marc, Micheline and Éric.

“Secrets” to service

On deck with Micheline to satisfy customers’ needs are Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) Marc Randrante, Rémi Robert and Simon Brisson-Tremblay, with Storage Facility Housekeeper Éric Chateauvert rounding out the crew.

Micheline keys in on providing excellent customer service to her customers, and insists that her crew members do the same.

“I ask them to serve the customer standing in front of them the way they would like to be served,” Micheline stressed. “I tell them: ‘Never argue with a customer. Just find solutions to their needs.’”

Micheline urged all team members to remember that the people we serve come first, since they are the ones putting bread on the table.

“That’s why they deserve ‘a good ear,’” she stressed, “and as much help as we can give them.”

Are you a longtime U-Haul self-storage or business office customer? Tell us your story in the comments. We’d love to hear it!

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