Taking the Environmental Route

It should be no surprise that we consider our customers in everything we do. For instance, U-Haul Centers and Dealers are purposefully situated in areas that are convenient and accessible to our customers. We consider where to introduce a location by considering, “Could this community benefit from U-Haul products and services?”, or “Are there any existing buildings which can benefit from our adaptive reuse program?” and “How can we position our location to be accessible to our customers?”

We take great care in where we place our locations, ensuring we offer products and services that are valuable and convenient to the community. We prioritize placing U-Haul locations near alternative transportation routes and public transit options such as light rail, subway, bus and bike paths.Bike Rack Positioning our customers to have travel options ensures that they may pick-up or return equipment with ease and also choose an option that best fits their lifestyle. Alternative modes of transportation also have a positive impact on our planet. Alternative modes of transportation release fewer greenhouse gases and carbon emissions into the atmosphere then a traditional gasoline powered vehicle transporting a single person. When customers choose to participate in both U-Haul truck and trailer sharing as well as choosing alternate transportation options to pick-up or return equipment, they can play a big part in maintaining air quality and lessening the effects of global warming. The closer our equipment is to a customer’s pick-up and drop-off locations, the fewer miles traveled and the less fuel ultimately burned . We maintain committed to thoughtfully placing our locations to provide the most benefit to the community.

U-Haul Corporate Headquarters in Phoenix

U-Haul chooses to locate next to alternative transportation options, because we understand the benefits and ease it provides to our community and our customers. The U-Haul Corporate office towers in Phoenix, Arizona are also positioned to provide U-Haul employees with the convenience of multi-modal options. The Corporate towers are located directly next to a Phoenix Valley Metro light rail platform which connects several neighboring cities over a span of 20 miles. U-Haul Corporate is also proud to offer telecommuting opportunities, safe and secure bicycle racks and electric vehicle charging stations for all of our corporate employees and visitors. Employees who choose multi-modal options enjoy reducing traffic congestion, reducing their carbon footprint and avoiding all the stresses and costs of commuting in daily traffic.


Interested in utilizing sustainable modes of transportation? Learn how to bike with boxes!

U-Haul Corporate Sustainability

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