Top #Uhaulfamous Pieces of Artwork

U-Haul trucks have been synonymous with moving for the last few decades. Here at U-Haul, trucks are used for so many reasons, outside of moving. We have found that customers use U-Haul trucks to move their art studios, or over-sized paintings. If an artist took the time to create such an imaginative piece of work, then it should be moved with care! Oscar Wilde once said that, “the artist is the creator of beautiful things.” This couldn’t be more true! We’ve captured the top #uhaulfamous pieces of artwork for you here:

#uhaufamous artwork 19411

Photo submitted by @thickpaint

These U-Haul customers commissioned this piece of artwork from award winning artist, Sarah LaPierre. Sarah’s “thick paint” pieces focus on vibrant acrylic works based on sceneries of her home state, Florida. This piece is of a Florida boardwalk that our customers transported in a cargo van to for their new Sarasota home.

#uhaufamous artwork _19263_San Diego_CA

Photo submitted by @lighthouseartdesign

With the help of these three volunteers, Jocelyn was able to transport her artwork in a U-Haul cargo van. Jocelyn is mixed media artist based out of Carmel, California. Her art was exhibited at the Art San Diego Show at the Balboa Park Activity Center in San Diego, CA.

#uhaufamous artwork 14998_San Francisco_CA #uhaufamous artwork 14999_San Francisco_CA

Photos submitted by @angie_crabtree

Diamonds are forever…Diamonds are a girls best friend. With the help of friends, Angie used a U-Haul truck to move her diamond painting. Angie is a Berkeley, CA based artist. She uses oils to create enlarged realistic diamond facets. “A portion of her sales are donated to The Greener Diamond Foundation, a charity that operates a 100 acre farm in Sierra Leone that houses and educates child soldiers who left the mining industry.”

#uhaufamous artwork Photo_11402 #uhaufamous artwork Photo_11401

Photos submitted by Amber Goldhammer

Contemporary abstract artist Amber Goldhammer is no stranger to using a moving van to transport her artwork! She actually said she uses U-Haul for every art delivery she has! Her “paintings are happy and safe in the U-Haul van and [she gets] great service with each experience which keeps [her]coming back again and again!”

Do you use U-Haul equipment for your artwork? Share your images with us by using #uhaulfamous or upload here!

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