Top 10 Moving Meme Challenge Entries

It can be hard to find things in life that are truly satisfying.

A walk in the park with a loved one…

Skydiving from 10,000 feet in the air…

Graduating from college…

Sure, those are great and all, but do they really compare to winning a meme contest? Heck no!

The Challenge

U-Haul headquarters is filled with creative and competitive individuals who know a good meme is worth a thousand words, so we decided to have a little contest – A “Moving Meme Challenge”, if you will. A cut-throat competition with the only restriction being that the subject matter of each meme must relate to moving. A total of 36 entries were created and voted on by our team, and when the dust settled we were left with 10 truly excellent moving memes, and one “Master of Memes” – Jennifer Weston from U-Haul’s Internal Communications team! Check out the winners below!

10th Place – Total Score: 6.65

I was only admiring the exceptionally green grass… I swear!

The Moving Meme Challenge

9th Place – Total Score: 6.65

Caffeine: (n) A stimulant which accounts for 99% of all human productivity.

The Moving Meme Challenge

8th Place – Total Score: 6.79

Let’s see you load a 10 ton refrigerator onto a truck without a set of “wimp wheels”.

The Moving Meme Challenge

7th Place – Total Score: 6.79

Nothing wrong with a little relaxation after a long day of moving! Might need the remote also, though.

The Moving Meme Challenge

6th Place – Total Score: 7

Some Smart Move Tape would help with that!

The Moving Meme Challenge

5th Place – Total Score: 7.2

That’s pretty much how I look anytime pizza is within a couple mile radius.

The Moving Meme Challenge

4th Place – Total Score: 7.2

Moving too fast… what does that mean?

The Moving Meme Challenge

3rd Place – Total Score: 7.32

Truth. The garbage cans are perpetually full for at least a couple months prior to your move and a full year after.

The Moving Meme Challenge

2nd Place – Total Score: 7.89

It’s good to start fresh every now and then, but this might be taking it a little too far.

The Moving Meme Challenge

1st Place – Total Score: 8

Moving without Moving Supplies? That’s the funniest joke we’ve ever heard!

The Moving Meme Challenge

Which one of the memes was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!


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