Tis the Season to Give Back

St. Vincent de PaulA group of U-Haul Team members, along with their family and friends, came together on a Saturday morning to volunteer their time to serve the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul located in the heart of Phoenix. The kitchen quickly filled up as two other local church groups were there to join efforts in preparing lunch for over 250 people.

For almost 10 years, U-Haul International and it’s Team members have taken great pride in giving back to the communities in which they serve. The company has focused on creating programs and assisting organizations that provide basic human needs: food, clothing, shelter and care for those in need.
After hands were washed and gloves were put on, volunteers took on many of the various tasks that were available throughout the morning. Several volunteers began filling water pitchers to place on tables in the dining room while others cut up pastries and desserts to be included with the lunch. Other St. Vincent de Paulvolunteers helped with making the salad that was served with fresh blueberries.

Once all of the preparation was done, volunteers were called out to the dining room floor for a briefing. Lead volunteer coordinator Rozanne talked to the group about the history of St. Vincent de Paul and
thankfully explained how everyone was helping to make sure the homeless did not go hungry. She then assigned duties for the rest of the day with jobs that ranged from food serving line assistants to dish washers. The group of approximately 50 volunteers stood, formed a circle, joined hands, and were led in prayer to begin lunch.

A line started to form as hungry but happy guests walked through the doors at St. Vincent de Paul to sit down for a hot and nutritious lunch. Volunteers greeted them as they walked in. Some guests even returned for a second or third helping.

St. Vincent de Paul

Finally, as some of the guests finished their lunch they got up to throw their plate away, waved and thanked the volunteers.
“It’s so wonderful to give back to those who have so little,” one volunteer expressed peering out at the full dining room. “With the number of volunteers we had today you can definitely say it’s the season for giving.”

To learn more about how U-Haul is partnering with St. Vincent de Paul click here

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