The Secret Life of Boxman

Boxman is a man of many mysteries and talents.  By day he is a superhero helping move families everywhere.  Boxman can be found in the corporate offices of U-Haul International, working hard on making the moving experience easier for people everywhere.

The Secret Life of Boxman

When he is not in the office, he is either helping friends move, supporting veterans or recycling.  You can even find Boxman online!  It is as though everyone needs to know more about this man!

Boxman recycles using Take a Box, Leave a Box

But just like many people, Boxman has a secret life.  After months of investigating, his secret has been discovered.  Everyone deserves to know who the real Boxman is when he isn’t being a goodie-two-shoes!  Boxman (a.k.a “Roxman”) is actually an underground rocker by night.

The secret life of Boxman Band

Roxman performs almost nightly in a band, where they sing some originals and several covers of your favorite classic rock songs like “Don’t Stop Boxin”, “Boxie Lady”, “Every Box Has an Edge”, “Tiny Mover”, “Knockin on My New Door” and “Boxie and The Jets”.  Roxman is the lead singer.  He is joined by his brother, Paksmor who plays the guitar, iBall, who plays the drums and DaBeat, who kicks it old school with some 90’s beats on breaks.

These answers only bring forth more questions.  It seems that the detective hired to discover the secret life of Boxman was somehow dodged several times.  Where did Boxman go and what did he do in the unaccounted time?  Who does the one that helps so many move with U-Haul spend his time with?  Is there a Boxlady in his life?

Being a mascot and team member of U-Haul has to take its toll.  It is no wonder Boxman keeps some of his life to himself.  Until there are more answers it is best to be grateful for the cardboard Boxman passionately in support of this great, 70 year-old brand and its team members.  Keep an eye out and report with pictures any Boxman sightings to

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