How U-Haul is Helping Team Members Make Healthier Choices

The holidays tend to mean the same for a lot of people. You spend time with family and loved ones and you eat. You go out and eat. You cook with your mom. Your aunt and uncle bring pastries. There’s likely wine and other beverages. And as good as this all is, it tends to make it very difficult to say no to all the food.

In an effort to help team members make healthier choices not just through the holidays, U-Haul is striving to empower team members to make healthier choices in 2016.

For starters, U-Haul challenged team members to stop smoking, gave them incentives to get healthy and is even helping to remove temptation.

This is evident in the empty vending machines throughout the head quarters in Phoenix and in the U-Haul cafe.

The changes in the Phoenix building came quickly. Team members saw the amount of sweets get low, then never replenished. The cafe staff began to cook with healthier alternatives. These are small changes, granted, but they’re in the right direction.

Team members will now have to think twice before reaching for an unhealthy snack and they definitely won’t find it anywhere in this building.

However, the change is truly coming from everyone in the building. Once the cafe started leading the move, team members followed.

Weekly donuts soon faded and personal snack drawers thinned.

Now team members encourage one another to make those healthier choices. You now see team members challenging themselves to drink more water and eliminate cravings to sweets or sodium filled snacks.

What was very tough in the beginning of December has now become the norm in the towers.

How are you making healthier choices in 2016?

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