New Moves of 2016

If moving isn’t a way to start fresh, then who knows what is? The new year is still young, but our customers are already busy with various moving projects.

Here are some of our favorite #uhaulfamous new moves of 2016:

new movesDonut the dog was a little apprehensive about packing for his 2016 move. After a quick pup nap and a few belly rubs, @donutthebulldog got the job done.






New moves 2Who new a pit stop could be so beautiful? At the end of the second day of Kerry W.’s move, she and her family stopped just north of Moab, UT, and captured this picturesque scene!





Photo_20246_San Luis Obispp_CAA clear-sky moving day in San Luis Obispo calls for a #uhaulfamous alien pic from Instagram user @tn_merm8! Perhaps U-Haul UFOs are in store for 2016?







Photo_20193_Portland_ORThese customers in Portland, OR, were all smiles during their move! Blue sky, trees, sunshine, a trusty U-Haul truck–why wouldn’t they be smiling?!







Photo_20189_unknown_AZAlfred L. in Arizona snapped this shot in front of his U-Haul moving truck, starting off the new year with a jolly pose and plenty of adventures ahead!






Photo_20211_Cleveland_OHHadie B. (@redfrecklefarm) captured a moment of glowing smiles during a recent cross-country road trip in a U-Haul!








Photo_20231_East Brunswick_NJKym D. in New Brunswick, NJ, took a photo of her 4-year-old son enjoying his perch behind the wheel during a big move. “Moving is tough, but it’s moments like these that make us truly smile,” she wrote.












Photo_20208_Phoenix_AZToni J. in Phoenix enjoys a brew in front of her U-Haul moving boxes, toasting to a new move and a new year!








Photo_20225_Houston_TXThis happy customer in Houston, TX, thanked U-Haul for only needing to make one trip moving her things!







Photo_20220_CAThe San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program enlisted the help of a U-Haul cargo van in distributing toys to disadvantaged children this holiday season.








20213Stacy A. in Kalamazoo, MI, submitted this photo of a young driver in the making! They grow up too fast, don’t they?












Photo_20229_Flower Mound_TXU-Haul team member Ben F. in Dallas, TX, caught this funny moment when a customer stopped by to return their truck. Could 2016 be the year when dogs drive trucks?












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