U-Haul, Tree Canada Reach Milestone in Environmental Work

U-Haul International, Inc. is pleased to announce it has eclipsed $200,000 in customer contributions to Tree Canada, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to Canada’s reforestation efforts.

Since 1945, U-Haul has been committed to conducting business in a socially responsible manner to help protect the environment. We continue this commitment by offering U-Haul customers the option of contributing to Tree Canada’s Grow Clean Air program to offset the carbon emissions from their moving equipment rental.

More than 86,000 U-Haul customers across Canada have contributed nearly $207,000 since the partnership began in 2011. One-hundred percent of every contribution goes directly to Tree Canada for the planting and care of native trees. As these trees cultivate forests, they will provide a habitat for wildlife, preserve natural ecosystems and clean the air we breathe.

“U-Haul Canada has a very positive corporate mandate on sustainability,” U-Haul area district vice president Jake Spelic said. “Our partnership with Tree Canada is one of many examples of our commitment to operate our business in a socially responsible manner. We are strong corporate citizens in the communities we operate in and fully intend to do our part in reducing the carbon emissions released into our atmosphere. Tree Canada gives our customers another opportunity to do their part in reducing our total carbon footprint.”

U-Haul, Tree Canada Reach Milestone in Environmental Work
U-Haul customers have contributed more than $200,000 to Tree Canada’s environmental work.

The partnership’s first planting occurred in 2014 with the sowing of 5,000 seedlings in Sudbury, Ont. These trees will help clean the air by sequestering an estimated 3,767 tons of carbon dioxide.

In 2015, U-Haul customers funded the planting of 20,000 trees to reforest Kamloops, B.C., and help preserve the natural ecosystem in an area severely devastated by mountain pine beetles and wildfires. Tree Canada also provided emerald ash borer treatments to protect the urban forest of Peterborough, Ont., thanks to U-Haul customers.

“Tree Canada is extremely pleased to be partnering with U-Haul for our Grow Clean Air program,” added Michael Rosen, President of Tree Canada. “U-Haul has clearly demonstrated its commitment to improving the environment while continuing to provide excellent service to its customers. We look forward to continue working with U-Haul on all their future greening initiatives.”

Corporate social responsibility has always been a part of U-Haul Company’s core values. U-Haul is proud to assist Tree Canada in protecting the environment. As an old Chinese Proverb states: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

To learn more about U-Haul Company’s sustainability efforts in your community, click here.


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