Back to School with UhaulCarShare

When most people think of U-Haul, the image of moving trucks and trailers comes to mind. However, U-Haul isn’t just serving those who need to move. Another service offered is UhaulCarShare, a car sharing service that accommodates college students who need to get around. With UhaulCarShare, college students are able to rent cars and get from point A to B.


Now that school is back in session, millions of students are heading to class, settling into their dorms, picking up textbooks and talking with their friends about what they did over winter break. The beginning of a new semester calls for some preparation. One thing students will need is a way to get around. With popularity of car sharing increasing, some students get the chance to rent their own cars to get where they need to go.

UhaulCarShare is revolutionizing the way students get things done. Car sharing services allow students to have their own ride ready at their fingertips. With multiple locations, students have access to a car without having to worry about the maintenance and costs of owning one themselves.

Before services like UhaulCarShare, students without a car on campus were stuck on campus or at the mercy of other students to accomplish off campus errands.  UhaulCarShare gives students the opportunity to run to the grocery store, stop by the bank and accomplish other various errands. Students may also use the service to rent a car for up to 3 days, allowing them to take roadtrips and make longer trips. Gas and insurance are included in the price so there are no hidden fees involved with the rental. Rates are very reasonable and include up to 180 miles, making it affordable for students.

UhaulCarShare makes college a little bit easier and allows the ability to get around.  Share the news about UhaulCarShare!

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