Puppy Love with U-Haul

Valentine’s day is right around the corner! It is a national day to celebrate your significant other, but we cannot forget about a man’s best friend. That’s right– puppy love! With many movies and sites devoted to precious pooches, it is safe to say that many around the world are team dog. Over the years we have seen some #Uhaulfamous furry friends that could melt anyone’s heart.  If you are on the fence or not yet convinced look here to see the top 7 reasons for puppy love.

#7 So Dog-On Cute!

Who couldn’t resist this face? Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and there are many we would all love to bring home!

Puppy Love

Submitted by Piper from Nebraska

#6 Shotgun!

A road trip is much more entertaining with the company of your best friend. They love to ride shotgun, and stick their head out the window to feel the breeze!

Puppy Love

Submitted by @nellieleotyler from Alaska

#5 Play Date

Dogs are always down to play, even dress up! Even though your dog may not like the clothes or costume you put them in, they will still love you.

Puppy Love

Submitted by Sherri from Alaska

#4 Dog Tired

At the end of your move, you can always count on your pooch to snuggle up to you and lay their head on your lap. No matter big or small you will always have a snuggle partner to cuddle with.

Puppy Love

Submitted by Jessica from South Carolina

#3 Man’s Best Friend

A dog is not only a man’s best friend, but a woman’s best friend! Dogs are more like family members, and sharing the memory of moving from one home to the next is one that your dog wouldn’t miss for the world.

Puppy Love

Submitted by @jusst from Arizona

#2 Moving Helpers

When you think of a moving helper I am sure that a four legged friend does not come to mind. Well think again! Although they cannot pick up moving boxes and wheel dollies,  a dog’s excitement can motivate you to keep going when you are feeling tired.

Puppy Love

Submitted by @Abpetro from Alabama

#1 Puppy Love!

You can always count on your dog for unlimited love and affection! They wait by the door for you when they know you are coming, wag their tail in excitement to see you, and give you some kisses.

Puppy Love

Submitted by Chris from Tennessee 

If you have any moving day photos of your best friend during your moving adventure submit them here for a chance to be featured on a moving truck!

Do you have a dog? Tell us why you love your furry friend in the comments below!



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