UhaulCarShare for Spring Break

spring break

U-Haul believes in supporting college students as seen in their college moving solutions, storage solutions and their intern program.  As the temperatures rise and the flowers start blooming, college students are getting ready for midterms and making plans for Spring Break.  For the college students that don’t have their own cars, but still want to hit the road this Spring Break, U-Haul also offers a solution. UhaulCarShare is a car sharing service offered to students on over 30 campuses in the United States.

Although the more common use for the cars is running errands such as picking up groceries and running to the bank, the car sharing service allows students to rent vehicles for up to 3 days.  Student can take a roadtrip for a quick day trip or a for a couple days. UhaulCarShare is a simple, affordable way for students to get around. Trips cost $62 dollars a day, up to 180 miles. The best part is gas and insurance is always included! Escaping the inside of a classroom for Spring Break doesn’t have to be expensive. Get on the road and enjoy the scenery.

Split the roadtrip costs between friends and get out of town this Spring Break. Need a break from your friends? Pets are also allowed in the cars as long as they are in their kennels. Bring your furry friends with you wherever you go. Whether students decide to spend the day with nature out in the woods, camping with friends or lounging around under the sun on a beach, rest assured knowing all this is possible with UhaulCarShare. Students enjoy wheels at their fingertips for all their spring break vacation needs.

Adventure awaits. Have fun this Spring Break with UhaulCarShare!


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