Propane Safety

U-Haul has sold millions of gallons of propane to a wide variety of customers. Families filling 20lb tanks, campers filling their RV’s for a road trip, and food truck vendors filling up for a busy weekend all count on U-Haul providing a great product and a safe experience. To ensure propane safety, propane associates at U-Haul are required to go through two different certification processes; one process requires associates to become certified by U-Haul’s propane vendor, the other requires a series of online classes to obtain a certification from U-Haul. From the moment a customer enters a U-Haul store looking to purchase propane, one of the 8,022 U-Haul certified employees apply their experience to make sure customers are safe at the store and continue to stay safe after they drive away.

Vendor Certification:

Propane Safety

The first step in the certification process involves representatives of one of U-Haul’s propane vendors helping U-Haul employees learn how to safely fill propane tanks. This includes a classroom style lesson, an exam, and filling a propane tank to get some hands on learning.

Anthony Dayton, and recent recipient of a propane certification said about the process, “It really emphasizes all the rules and safety regulations you should know as a competent propane handler.”


U-Haul Certification:

Another important part of the certification process is receiving a U-Haul certification. In order to obtain a U-Haul certification, employees are required to complete classes on the following subjects:

  • Introduction and Dispensing Equipment
  •  Portable Propane Cylinders
  • Filling 100 lb. Propane Tanks
  • Forklift Propane Cylinders
  • Motor and RV Tanks

“The online classes taught everything from basic information to how to safely fill up an RV. After the classes, I went to the U-Haul tech center in Phoenix to take an in person class and practice filling propane tanks. The classes took a while to complete, but I learned a lot enjoy spreading my knowledge and helping to keep customers safe. ”

Propane Safety

Spreading the Word

After U-Haul employees receive their certification, they are constant advocates for propane safety. When a customer enters a U-Haul store to fill any equipment from a 5lb. tank to a large RV, employees begin with a visual inspection to make sure the equipment they are about to fill has obvious signs of damage. Next, the expiration date is examined; if the tank is expired, a recommendation is given on where to purchase a new tank or have the current tank re-qualified. After the tanks are filled a solution is applied to any valves to make sure the tanks have no leaks. The entire process from beginning to end is designed to keep customers safe so they can hit the road, trail, or backyard will full confidence they will have no issues with their propane and can focus on having a great time.

To learn more about propane safety, visit U-Haul’s propane safety page or youtube propane safety playlist.

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