Rhonda Holliday

Rhonda Holliday: The Face of U-Haul

KATY, Texas – Even when Rhonda Holliday is at a store nearly an hour away from her own, she hears it. “Hey, Rhonda!” The U-Haul Team members prepping to attend a…

Propane Safety

Propane Safety

U-Haul has sold millions of gallons of propane to a wide variety of customers. Families filling 20lb tanks, campers filling their RV’s for a road trip, and food truck vendors filling…

U-Haul Propane Sales at Phoenix International Raceway

U-Haul Propane and the Brains Behind It

PHOENIX (Jan. 26, 2016) – Propane isn’t just used to cook and heat homes anymore, its applications are far-more reaching, and U-Haul is on the forefront of that growth. In…