Tiny House Expedition Visits U-Haul Headquarters

Tiny House ExpeditionThe Tiny House Expedition made a pit-stop at the U-Haul headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona to welcome U-Haul Team members to an exclusive Open House. This Open House gave Team members the chance to experience this sustainable-housing project that the Tiny House Expedition is showcasing across the United States. Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons, filmmaker duo & an ordinary couple embarking on an extraordinary expedition across the nation in a tiny house on wheels, were present to answer any questions that U-Haul Team members had about the Tiny House Expedition and sustainable homes, while also giving tours of their lovely home. Although, only about 3-5 people at a time could fit in the home.

U-Haul recognizes the importance of sustainable projects and has been a proud partner of the expedition… helping Stephens and Parsons spread their message of “sustainable living.” The couple found that both the 17 and 20 foot U-Haul trucks are perfect options for hauling their tiny home on their journey across the United States. After starting in Winston- Salem, North Carolina, the Tiny House has traveled more than 16,000 miles, with many locations still left to visit.

Tiny House ExpeditionHaving the opportunity to get a tour of the Tiny House Expedition was quite exciting for U-Haul Team members. While inside the house, one could see that every inch of the structure was put to use. From the couch doubling as storage to the hidden pantries and stair steps, everything in the home was methodically thought out. The house may be perceived as small from the outside but felt much bigger once viewed from the inside. The Tiny House is equipped with its own bathroom, sink, living room, bed and much more. The interior was designed to cut out all unnecessary items.  Stephens and Parsons show that you don’t need a 2,000 square foot home to live comfortably and happily.

We’re grateful to Stephens and Parsons for coming out to the U-Haul Towers…and for everything they do to promote a more sustainable way of life.

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