Free Range Trucks and Trailers

Sharing is Caring

It is no secret that U-Haul is built on a model of sharing, where customers move each rental from one area to another to be shared continuously. Sharing rental trucks and trailers is at the foundation of our rental products as well as our sustainability. Truck sharing refers to truck rental services intended to substitute for private truck ownership. Over time, every U-Haul truck placed in a community eliminates 19 personally owned large-capacity vehicles from the road. Reducing vehicles on the road reduces traffic and emissions.

U-Haul Trucks Trailers at NOYS Summit

Meeting the Communities Needs

When U-Haul trucks and trailers are in between adventures, they rest temporarily in a U-Haul Center or Dealer’s lot. Never too long in one place, a U-Haul truck or trailer will be moved to where our customers have need. The size and quantity of models being offered as rentals will depend on the community needs. Offering the proper sized rental ensures the right amount of transport space is available as needed. A properly sized rental matching your transport capacity needs can eliminate several trips, reduce travel cost, time and emissions.

Neighborhood Beautification

Dynamic even when not in use, many U-Haul truck and trailers function as an artistic and educational showcase. U-Haul box trucks and trailers are proudly decorated with custom art called SuperGraphics ®. The space each graphic occupies on our trucks is priceless. We could sell this space to corporate America, but U-Haul believes we must give something back to the communities we serve. SuperGraphics artistically represent carefully researched rare-findings, little-known facts and mysteries that exist throughout the United States and Canada. Each rental fitted with a SuperGraphic is designed to be interactive and leads you to online resources where you can journey deeper.

Supergraphic, New Jersey
SuperGraphic Interaction
Photo Credit: @meggasus1
U-Haul Sustainability

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