Visual Storytelling at U-Haul

Mar 12, 2016

U-Haul has made visual storytelling a priority by having an in-house video department that provides support for all departments.  These videos are intended to help U-Haul team members as well as customers.  Recently, U-Haul has made a bigger commitment to health and the video team has created several amazing videos to encourage and educate the team members at U-Haul.  The videos created for U-Haul customers include social media videos, grilling videos, product feature videos and instructional videos to help with the use of the equipment rented.  As the world becomes more and more consumed with visual content, the more important the videos become as a way to connect with customers.  Having an in-house video department allows U-Haul to create videos closer to the message as opposed to outsourcing these videos to a marketing or production firm.  Below is information on the stellar video team and where they see video going for U-Haul in the years to come.

Troy Wilson

Troy started his love of video about 11 years ago as a hobby.  He has worked on corporate videos, bands, broadcast television and documentaries and his skill became evident, making his hobby a full-time career.  Troy also worked on House Hunter’s International, Last Comic Standing and many other projects.  He started his own production company where he created videos for many known corporations.  He has now been at U-Haul for 2.5 years and enjoys an ever-changing product and the ability of learning from every department at U-Haul.

His favorite project so far has been working on the Making History: The Manufacturing U-Haul Story.  Working on this project allowed him the opportunity to meet the amazing people that actually make the U-Haul equipment and gave him insight to the Manufacturing and Research and Development process.

Troy says, “All of the products at U-Haul are in motion and video captures the true moving experience.”  Passionate about his team’s role in the future, he sees video, both internal and external growing.  Many will need updating in the future and their work is never done.

Jake Bense

Jake originally went to school to become a sport’s anchor, but realized he did not have a knack for on-camera work.  Although he would not become the next Dan Patrick, Jake found his love of production.  He went on to work on radio and live productions.  He has worked for Walt Disney World, ESPN and other companies.  His favorite part of production is post production.  He thinks it is critical to keep yourself relevant and to develop a unique skill set in video production.

His favorite project so far has been the U-H-A-U-L Rising in Midtown Detroit.  He enjoyed seeing U-Haul from a different region and loved filming the sign going on the newly adapted building.

“U-Haul has gone leaps and bounds from where it started with video” says Jake.  He sees video continuing to grow at U-Haul and changing the style a little to reach a new, younger demographic that is more in tune with video as it is constantly in their face.

Chris Gilbreth

Chris started video about 5 years ago.  He was going to school for journalism when he decided he loved visual storytelling and moved on to video.  Outside of his position with U-Haul, he actively works on documentaries and other video projects.  Chris works on many internal and external projects for U-Haul.  He has supported both Human Resources in their  Health and Wellness videos and Social Media in their efforts to inform both the internal and external customers.

One of his favorite videos he has worked on was a Health and Wellness video shared internally about a Team Member that has made some amazing changes in his life resulting in an inspiring story for the U-Haul Team.  Chris has also been creating really interesting Instagram videos recently and they have been gaining engagments on the social channel.

The future of video looks pretty bright to Chris.  He said, ” Video will make people more technically savvy.  It is an inherent part of your life.”  This is why he believes it is so important for U-Haul to speak to their customers with video and continue their efforts in visual storytelling.  Below is one of the external videos Chris has created.

Edson Florez

Edson is the newest member of the video team and has already contributed a lot.   He had an interest in multimedia from a young age, using his uncle’s Hi8 camera to record his friends.  After highschool he went into IT work with computers and after a few years went to film school.  After completing film school he has worked on music videos, short films, commercials and weddings.  Edson has worked with companies like the Phoenix Suns, Fender and many local businesses.

He is excited to be working at U-Haul and to be doing what he loves daily.  “Media is becoming a more important tool to use to create our culture with the community”  said Edsonregarding the importance of video at U-Haul.

Although it is early to pick a favorite project, he is enjoying getting to know everyone and is learning more every day about all the programs at U-Haul.  In the future, Edson sees each department having video representation and expanding the social media videos so more people to find out what U-Haul has to offer.  Below is a video he created to offer moving hacks for customers.

This team is doing a great job at creating interesting and informative videos for U-Haul.  Their videos are making it easier to move using U-Haul products and equipment and easier for Team U-Haul to continue making the customer the priority.  Stay tuned to YouTube to see more future videos!

Why do you think it is important for U-Haul to invest in video?  What is the most handy tip you have gained watching the U-Haul videos?  Share in the comments.

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