Social Media History at U-Haul

The history of U-Haul is a lengthy one–and it evolved through the past seven decades, from the height of rock ‘n’ roll to the hippie sixties, from days of big hair and big glasses to times when portable phones and computers appeared in every hand and household.

The digital age heralded a new resource to reach U-Haul customers: social media. As the company’s various channels amassed more and more customer interactions, it was woven into the fabric of U-Haul history.

Social media at U-Haul was fueled by our customers.  Customers were attempting to talk to U-Haul on social channels.  The realization was this is somewhere U-Haul needs to be to support the customers.  The U-Haul social media and digital marketing teams work together to provide an efficient online atmosphere for customers to find exactly what they need. Whether it’s about company history or truck rentals and moving supply purchases from, content has been painted on the canvas of social media for customers to utilize.

Team U-Haul has discovered a lot about their customers through the years, thanks to social media. Whether it’s for troubleshooting or sharing U-Haul appreciation stories, online interactions have been essential to the company’s mission to uphold strong customer service.

Social Media Manager, Ken Schneider agrees that a mission of U-Haul is to assist customers online.

“We use the same strategy [in choosing social channels] as we did when we started social at U-Haul: we simply look to see if we can serve our customers on that channel,” he said. “If the answer is yes, then we move forward with that channel.”

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and a blog later, U-Haul has crafted a solid method for interacting promptly with consumers. The company’s trademark hashtag, #UhaulFamous, is yet another way for customers can choose to be a part of U-Haul’s history and culture.  Users who post a photo on Instagram (or through this online portal) with the hashtag #UhaulFamous just might discover their photo on the side of a U-Haul truck:


The age of social media has reeled pretty much everyone into the online world. Grandparents are on Facebook, tweens are on Instagram and U-Haul customers are connecting with the company on social media to report feedback or find moving trucks, supplies and tips.

Social media platforms have been just the ticket to help U-Haul customers access what they need for any moving project.

Social Media History at U-Haul
Here’s what a 1999 U-Haul landing page looked like, long before social media was around to help customers find what they need.

Data shows that customers prefer to go online to fix issues and find answers themselves, rather than calling a company. And it makes sense–it’s easy, and we’re no longer living in the days of driving somewhere to get a moving truck and boxes. Everything is digital. Customers can order what they need online and reserve a truck or manage a storage unit through–and the U-Haul social media channels have experts ready to field questions. Pinterest provides endless moving or DIY craft tips, and U-Haul’s YouTube channel gives customers how-to videos regarding moving, grilling, and more. With each new online tool or app that strolls onto the screen, the U-Haul social media team is behind it to bring customers an interactive and helpful experience.

Any business knows that adapting to change is the only way to survive. That’s been U-Haul’s mission through the years–to fulfill its purpose of helping customers in any form possible– and one of its most recent developments has been expanding the social channels that dominate our communication today. As customers ask for it, U-Haul will bring it.

“Wherever our customers are, we will continue to serve them,” Schneider said. “I like to experiment with whatever is new, if it be a new type of video, post, or maybe even a new channel. If the team keeps testing and experimenting in social, we will continue to be successful.”

These days, U-Haul understands that posts, follows, tweets and tags are the simplest ways to connect with customers and help them with their moving needs–after all, there’s no haul without U, so your online presence is welcomed and etched into U-Haul’s colorful history!

What social channel do you think can help a customer the most with their U-Haul experience?  Tell us in the comments.

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