Children’s Resource Disaster Relief

Children's ResourceA hash-tag is defined as a word or phrase used to identify messages on a particular topic. Social media users may use them to pinpoint any fad or popular style, but some have meanings that help impact people’s lives– like #helpchangeachildsworld. This hash-tag adorns the Children’s Resource Foundation’s twitter page, and mirrors the charitable group’s slogan that was established in 1998. The Children’s Resource Foundation is devoted to bringing the chance of survival and hope for the future to kids in need through corporate sponsorship and more, one being U-haul Inc.

Natural disasters contribute to food deficiency emergencies and affects families who struggle to survive and overcome. Like Children’s Resource Foundation, U-Haul has a long standing policy of helping those in need during natural disasters by offering 30 days of free storage at participating self-storage locations. U-Haul also works personally with the American Red Cross, military, local police and fire departments to provide needed resources and supplies. The partner sponsorship between CRF and U-Haul was a no brainier as both companies strive to assist the constant need for help.

U-Haul began their partnership with Help Change A Child’s World programs in 2006, and has continued to provide survival aid 10 years later. U-Haul moving vans and trucks have been used to make a difference in all program events including Disaster Relief Aid and Easter Survival Aid. The director of CRF, John C. Foster said, “We found the bed size and heights to be the perfect size for the volunteers loading and unloading.” Cargo vans and 10′ trucks are used in corporate events, setups, and collected donated items. 15′ and 17′ trucks are used to deliver larger items and collection at designated drop off zones. Foster said. “U-haul International, Inc. trucks are a huge help and make a tremendous impact in the lives of children who are fighting to survive one more night of hunger, poverty, abuse, tragedy, and disaster. We can’t thank you enough for your inspiration and support.”

The Children’s Resource Foundation was founded in 1997 and dedicated to the late Alice Joyce, a single mother of six who endured poverty, hunger, abuse and tragedy. In its 18th year, ‘Help Change a Child’s World’ carries on her devotion to children by continuing the fight with disaster relief and more.

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