Nine Uniquely Named U-Haul Neighborhood Dealers

Everyone loves a good neighbor, and U-Haul is lucky enough to have thousands of them around the U.S. and Canada.

U-Haul neighborhood dealers are local, independent businesses that choose to supplement their primary business by offering U-Haul products and services to benefit their communities.

Our 18,000-plus neighborhood dealers touch all corners of the retail and service industry, ranging from antique sales to gas stations to ice cream shops. And many have of these owners have gotten creative with their business names.

Here are nine of the more uniquely named businesses where you will find U-Haul trucks and trailers in the parking lot.

The Spotted Goat Resale

The Spotted Goat Resale
The Spotted Goat Resale

The Spotted Goat Resale got its name from a combination of interests. Tammy Smithson, one of the store’s partners, said she wanted “something that was unique. I wanted someone to remember the name.” Tammy and her husband, Richard, raised their children on a farm around a variety of animals. They have rabbits, pigs, chickens and goats. But the goats we’re always her husband’s favorites. Tammy also worked in early childcare for 12 years. With spots being her favorite way to decorate for the kids, the two ideas merged for a creative name.

The Spotted Goat is located at 112 E. Monroe Ave. in Lowell, Ark. This antique and resale shop became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in August 2015. You can reach them at (479) 271-8531.

Paper Party House

Paper Party House got its name back in 1957. The current owner, James Tarsetti Jr., said three of his uncles came up with the name. “We have four businesses on our one location. We are a local wholesale paper company, a party store company, a party rental equipment company and a U-Haul dealer. And Maine is known for being the Pine Tree State.

This family-owned and -operated business is located at 633 Warren Ave. in Portland, Maine. Paper Party House became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in January 2015. You can reach them at (207) 956-5551.

The FLashing Fish

The FLashing Fish
The FLashing Fish

The FLashing Fish has been the name for a handful of different businesses. DuNaMis Dunn, the owner, has always been an entrepreneur. When he moved to New Jersey, he started looking for “a side gig to make money.” In 2006, he started flashing phones … a term coined for the reprogramming of CDMA phones to work on subcarriers. And given his Christian background, Dunn liked the idea of incorporating the fish symbol to express his beliefs. Dunn explained, “I was basically the Christian guy that flashed phones. And the capital F and L are just because we are based in Florida.” In 2012, when he opened his own car dealership, he decided to stick with the name.

The used car dealership is located at 9850 S. U.S. Hwy. 17-92 in Maitland, Fla. The FLashing Fish became a neighborhood dealer in August 2015. You can reach them at (321) 441-3239.

Nuts To Go

Nuts To Go was created in 2009 when owner Sharon Green saw the need for a store in Dothan, Ala., where customers could purchase nuts year-round. But here’s the background story. After working at PEMCO World Air Service for 18 years, the company closed and Green was left without a job. She found herself “wondering what I would do next.” As a member of Lighthouse Outreach Ministries, Green was volunteering at the National Peanut Festival at a booth called the Peanut Hut. Visitors we’re excited by the variety of nuts they could buy and Green saw the demand. “Dothan is known as the Peanut Capital of the World,” Green said. “Dothan is a prime location for growing peanuts, and a majority of all the peanuts grown in the U.S. are grown within a 100-mile radius of Dothan.”

The business offers a large variety of premiere nuts, gourmet confections, handcrafted brittles, chocolates and gifts. Green also ships to the 48 continental states. Nuts To Go is located at 2005 S. Brannon Stand Road in Dothan and became a U-Haul neighborhood dealer in February 2013. You can reach them at (334) 794-1151.

Mr. Flower & Mr. Ping Pong

Mr. Flower & Mr. Ping Pong was named after the combination of two businesses. Owner Ardy Taveerasert started a flower shop with his wife, Anne, in 2001. Ten years later he started a ping pong store and club, where he sold products and taught lessons. Both businesses grew and the Taveeraserts realized combining the companies and adding U-Haul rentals was the smartest move. Now when customers ask how they got the name, the owners jokingly answer: “If your wife or girlfriend gets upset at you, buy her flowers. If that doesn’t work, rent the U-Haul truck and move out. Afterwards when you’re lonely, come play ping pong with us and talk to other people who made the same mistake. You will feel better.”

This flower shop, ping pong club and U-Haul dealer is one of the most unique business collages Chicago residents could come across. Mr. Flower & Mr. Ping Pong is located at 1647 W. Chicago Ave. and became a U-Haul dealer in November 2010. You can reach them at (773) 205-4284.

Two Tails

Two Tails
Two Tails

Two Tails got its name nine years ago when Patrick Nihipali, one of the company’s partners, decided to become a U-Haul dealer. At the time, Nihipali was a 23 year-old college student who owned two cats. Struggling to decide on a name, he figured, “I’ve got two tails. There we go!” Now every time Nihipali speaks with his attorney, he is asked how his “stupid-named company” is doing. Nihipali responds that things are going great and his customers remember him for having a unique name.

This moving and storing company is located at 4503 S. Federal Way in Boise, Idaho. Two Tails became a U-Haul dealer in January 2007 . You can reach them at (208) 375-4165.

Feather Computers

Feather Computers got its name 15 years ago. The previous owners were Chinese, and the original Chinese name they chose referred to a big, successful business. But when translated into English, part of the name became “feather.” Though the name lost part of its meaning when translated, the owners opted to keep it anyway.

This office supply and tech support store is located at 2900 B White Blvd. in Decatur, Georgia. Feather Computers became a U-Haul dealer in March 2013. You can reach them at (404) 378-6970.

Ladybug Express

Ladybug Express was named after the owner’s favorite insect. Maria Garcia liked ladybugs from a very young age. She remembers as a 10-year-old telling her friends that one day she would start her own business, and ladybugs would be in the title. Then when she got older and started her business, she kept her word and paid tribute to the cute red-and-black (or U-Haul orange-and-black) creatures.

This cleaning services business is located at 3507 N. 371st Ave. in Tonopah, Ariz. Ladybug Express became a U-Haul dealer in June 2015. You can reach them at (480) 887-4758.

Line Up & Sound Off

Line Up and Sound Off
Line Up & Sound Off

Line Up & Sound Off opened in 2011. Janet McIntyre-Corcoran, one of the partners, said the name was easy to come up with because the company started out performing alignments and specialty exhaust on vehicles. So cars we’re literally lining up and sounding off. Her husband, Charles, picked the name, but it seemed even more fitting when their daughter joined the Navy.

This family-owned and -operated business now offers all vehicle repairs and services to their customers. Line Up & Sound Off is located at 1500 Washington St. in Vancouver, Wash. They became a U-Haul dealer in November 2015. You can reach them at (360) 768-2313.

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