Spring In The Air, Tree Seedlings In The Ground!

A famous Chinese proverb, often quoted by philosophical people including Thomas Jefferson, is ““The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”  It’s now spring, no better time to plant a tree!

U-Haul Customers are Funding Tree Seedlings!

Each time a U-Haul customer rents a truck, he or she has an option to contribute a couple of dollars to plant trees, which will grow to help sequester the carbon emissions produced each time we drive a vehicle.  100% of all U-Haul customer contributions are directly forwarded to The Conservation Fund during U.S. truck rentals, or to Tree Canada during Canadian truck rentals.  More than half a million trees have been planted since these two tree-planting partnerships began, capturing an estimated 550,000 metric tons of carbon over the lifetime of the newly-planted trees. You can read more at U-Haul Tree-Planting Partnerships

Newest Tree-Planting Ceremony is May 11, 2016!

The latest celebration of tree planting, thanks to U-Haul customers in Canada, will take place May 11th in City of Coquitlam, in the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia. This tree-planting project is part of an ongoing effort to enhance the riparian corridor of lower Como Creek on City of Coquitlam land. The Creek flows through highly urbanized areas and is prone to flooding, sediment deposition, erosion, and overall habitat degradation. Initial stages of the project cleared invasive plants.  The final stage will plant native tree and shrubs species to restore the area to habitat for song birds, Pacific Salmon and the rare Green Heron that live in the watershed.  Representatives from U-Haul, Tree Canada, and local volunteers will hold a planting ceremony at Como Creek May 11th.

If you can’t attend, plant your own tree in your own community.  As our friends at Tree Canada would say, “Let’s grow clean air!”.  Read more at: Tree Canada Grow Clean Air

After all, Thomas Jefferson would be proud!

When was the last time you planted a tree?  What kind was it?  Share in the comments!

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