Made in America: Awnings and Ramps

The U-Haul production process takes an immense team effort and, with the readiness to assist customers in mind, our team members at the AMFORM (American Fabricators of Raw Materials) plant work to make each piece of U-Haul equipment valuable to customers. All made in America, these parts combine to make quality equipment to get customers through life’s moves–and two of these crucial U-Haul pieces are awnings and ramps.


Materials Manager Christopher Kinney in the Material Planning department of AMFORM said awnings have been produced by U-Haul since 2012. Across the United States, individual locations order them before these awnings are used to receiving and dispatching rental trucks.

made in america
A U-Haul awning marks the shaded spot for returns and pick-ups of fleet trucks.

“They were an overnight hit with the Centers and demand has skyrocketed every year,” Kinney said. “For 2015, we shipped out 175 units in total. As of May 2016, we are already at 145 units and counting.”

The impressive success of these products are partly thanks to their sturdy framing, Kinney added, as it’s composed of steel and coated with a galvanized finish for long-term corrosion protection. These awnings are available in several sizes: 20′ x 20′, 20′ x 30′ and 20′ x 40′, and color options consist of blue or green.

Providing a clear (and shaded) area for customers to pick up or return rental trucks, these awnings are made in America and further contribute to U-Haul’s customer-focused mission.


One of the most important components of a U-Haul moving truck is the ramp. (Imagine trying to amble up to the truck sans ramp, arms spilling over with boxes!) The ramp on a U-Haul truck allows the customer to safely reach their items and cart them in or out with ease. Every truck built to serve in the rental fleet, Kinney said, features a ramp.

made in america
U-Haul team member Sperry Hutchinson utilizes the truck ramp to cart boxes to and from a moving truck.

“They are available in various sizes and widths pertaining to each truck model,” he added. “They feature an all-aluminum construction for weight savings without compromising on strength.”

Kinney said the ramp’s material makeup allows for durability and longevity as a U-Haul fleet vehicle. The 2015 count of DC Truck ramps reached 900, and last summer’s new JH truck model garnered a whopping 1,600 ramp units to accompany the new fleet.

On top of the new truck production, AMFORM also produces ramps for U-Haul’s repair outlet, and all are made in America–ensuring quality and consistency.

made in america
U-Haul ramps await shipment at AMFORM.

“These are shipped from here [at AMFORM in Glendale, Arizona] to our redistribution center in Kansas City,” Kinney said. “When a ramp is damaged and cannot be repaired, the warehouse will send out a ramp to the repair shops to get the equipment back in service quickly.”

While U-Haul awnings provide shade and a clear place for moving truck pick-ups or drop-offs, ramps deliver ease and stability while transferring boxes and furniture between the truck and the customer’s new home. These are essential components of U-Haul’s goals to assist customers with the various moving projects they’ll carry out in a lifetime.

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