U-Haul General Manager Assisting Pets Affected by Fort McMurray Wildfires

RICHMOND, B.C. — When U-Haul Moving & Storage of Richmond general manager Lynn Puersten heard news of the disastrous wildfires tearing through Fort McMurray, she couldn’t help but think about the animals.

As an avid animal lover with connections to Alberta, Peursten used her position as an executive with the Army, Navy, & Airforce Veterans Club to raise money for the Humane Society’s relief efforts.

“I am a huge animal lover and I’ve always had dogs and cats,” Puersten explained. “I kept picturing the wildlife and the pets that would be affected by the fires. I was thinking about the animals the whole time.”IMG_0304

After speaking with the Veterans Club, Puersten had a $5,000 check in hand and a U-Haul van full of pet supplies. During her 720-mile trek from British Columbia to the neighboring providence, Puersten collected even more donations.

“On my way to Edmonton I found so much humanity,” Puersten said. “I had put a logo on the back of the U-Haul that read ‘Pet Patrol’ and at one point when I was stopped in construction a man asked me what it meant. When he came back by the van he handed me $180 that he had collected from others.”

The donations collected and hand-delivered by Puersten went directly to the Humane Society’s Fort McMurry relief fund, which provided everything from pet food to shelters. Many displaced evacuees received pet cages in order to keep their dogs and cats safe.

“We are all about giving back to our communities,” U-Haul Company of Vancouver & Vancouver Island president Michelle Benson said. “I couldn’t think of a better way to get involved than having our own team members step it up and take the initiative to offer their help and support. I am so proud to have Lynn on my team.”

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