7 Things You Need to Know About U-Haul Boxes

May 27, 2016

There’s a U-Haul box for everything, for any sort of move. Wine glasses, TVs, clothes that require hangers, dishes, books, lamps and mirrors–they all have specially designed boxes to make moving day a breeze.

The cardboard box is one of U-Haul’s classic trademark products, and through the years, U-Haul has perfected each style to make it simple and efficient come moving day. Here’s an inside look at U-Haul boxes and how they came to help people everywhere with any packing task.

From the company’s conception in 1945, the goal has been to help U-Haul customers finding just what they need for moving: trucks, trailers, storage units, moving supplies–and boxes have played a huge role in the company’s history. Customer needs propelled the shift from simple cardboard moving boxes to a wide array of options when packing up for a move, and U-Haul boxes come with certain perks other brands don’t provide.

Check out these seven things you should know about U-Haul boxes–there’s more than meets the eye with this beautifully corrugated cardboard!

1. 100% Buyback Guarantee

If you purchase too many boxes for moving day, you can sell the unused ones back to a U-Haul store for a 100% buyback guarantee. You can keep the ones you needed for your next move (or for organizing needs!). Present your original receipt upon return and you’ll be fully refunded for your unused boxes.

2. Proven Durability: Testing Process

U-Haul boxes have proven to outlast other boxes through a series of procedures in the testing lab in Tempe, Arizona. While moving in the rain isn’t ideal, it often becomes a reality–and being prepared with boxes that can withstand water is paramount on moving day. Tested using humidity and direct application of water, the U-Haul cardboard won out over other box brands.

During a compression test, the U-Haul box was tested to see if it could withstand heaviness resting on it within a moving truck or in storage. The results: a U-Haul Small Box only became crushed after 721 lbs. (and retained an elasticity that molded it back to its original shape), whereas its competitor crumpled after 409 lbs.

3. Flap Lock Feature

When packing a box, the flaps remain connected so that they stay down while you pack. (This saves space and saves your skin from shin paper cuts on moving day!) Until you’re ready to close your box up before a move, keep these flaps connected–then, use a box cutter to sever the flaps and seal the box! This feature conserves space by incorporating the simplest design possible.

4. Handy Box Handles

Carrying boxes can be cumbersome without handles for a firm grip. It’s much easier for boxes to slip out of your hands without something to hold onto–and that’s why U-Haul boxes come equipped with handle slots! A U-Haul moving box can support up to 65 lbs. of weight, which is easier to carry with a pair of handles.

5. Variety of Box Types

There really is a U-Haul box for anything. Whether you’re a sports fanatic who could use the Sport Utility Box for your golf clubs or fishing rods, or a fashion guru who can’t stand wrinkly, post-moving day outfits (thus needing an EZ Wardrobe Box), there are U-Haul boxes for any occasion. Packing up the kitchen? Pick up a Dish Saver Kit, a Wine Shipping Kit and a Glass Pack Kit. You’ll prevent any breaks or chips in your kitchen wares. Whether you’re packing up a lamp, TV or books, there’s a box specifically crafted to suit your needs.

6. Easy Labeling

U-Haul moving boxes come already equipped with an area for marking the contents of each box to make it an organized process. Simply mark the flap with a felt pen, and you’re already two steps ahead on moving day!

7. Take a Box, Leave a Box Program

This U-Haul concept allows for the recycling of used boxes, as well as the provision of free boxes for other customers to cut moving costs. All company stores and many independent U-Haul dealers offer this program, and anyone can take and/or leave a reusable moving box for the next mover in need.

We hate to toot our own horn, but we do want customers aware how to use the most out of these moving boxes!  Using these moving box features will give you an easier packing, moving and storing experience with a stronger box!

What was your favorite U-Haul Moving Box feature when you moved?  Share in the comments!

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