Job Spotlight: Roadside Assistance Agent

Aug 26, 2016

Our customers are on the road 24 hours a day. The vast majority of them will make it to their destination with no issues, but what happens if something goes wrong? Who is there to help if a nail pops your rental’s tire in the middle of the night? The answer, of course, is our Roadside Assistance team. These dedicated individuals are available to assist our customers any time of the day with anything from a blown tire to someone accidentally locking keys in a truck. With flexible hours and the ability to work from home, the Roadside Assistance Agent position is perfect for students, parents who want to be at home with their children, or anyone who doesn’t want to worry about a commute every morning. Here’s what our current agents say about the position.

Job Spotlight: Roadside Assistance AgentWhat’s the day-to-day like as a Roadside Assistance Agent?

“Roadside Assistance is the front line anytime something goes wrong with any equipment. We make sure the customers are safe and make sure we get the correct vendor to the job. It’s very busy but I’ve learned a lot being here.” -Ricky Thrower

“Never a dull moment, and there’s a sense of urgency that I feel every day. The urgency is that someone is broken down; someone needs help, and the atmosphere of “we’ve got to get them help” is evident all day long, and that’s what keeps me going. We’re in constant communication with each other through chats, IM’s, everything; with the goal always being, ‘get the customer on the road.'” – Robert Hernandez

What is your favorite aspect of what you do?

“Helping customers, that’s number one. I feel like I did something with my day when I can make a difference with a customer who is over the top livid and then at the end of the conversation they’re asking for my name because I helped them.” -Ricky Thrower

“Taking care of customers and getting them satisfied as fast as you can. I don’t like people sitting on the side of the road, we need to get the customer taken care of!” -Bob Harte

“Hearing the customer say “thank you” and getting them back on the road; it’s just a great feeling. There’s nothing I can compare it to.” -Robert Hernandez

Job Spotlight: Roadside Assistance AgentDo you find the hours to be flexible?

“I definitely know that for a fact, because we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there’s always going to be a slot that will work around a student. In fact, we have a Senior Agent and a Manager who are students. So the hours will definitely work, for sure.” -Ricky Thrower

“I’m full-time and have a great schedule, but they can work around anyone. Plus, our biggest program is work from home. We have a lot of agents all over the United States working from home.” -Bob Harte

“Yes, because we’re here 24 hours a day. When I was an agent I worked 4 o’clock in the morning until noon. It was wonderful because I worked from home so I would get up, get my coffee, sit at my computer, and work; then I would have the rest of the day to do whatever.” -Lisa Hoyt

Is it easy to get set up to work from home?

“It’s pretty easy, you just need a place that’s quiet where you can work. They give you all the programs so there’s nothing that you have to do that way. You have to be hard-wired to the internet, but unless you were using your cell phone for internet you should always have a way to hard-wire.” -Lisa Hoyt

“All you have to do is download the programs, and they’ll get you all set up with everything you need.” -Bob Harte

Job Spotlight: Roadside Assistance AgentWould you recommend this position to someone else? Why?

“I would say yes, especially for someone who likes to help people. I would recommend this job to someone because of the atmosphere; everyone works together. If I’m having issues with something there’s always someone there who can help pick me up, and vice versa. I love this job. I haven’t been here a year yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a 30-year plaque someday.” -Ricky Thrower

“Oh, definitely. I love my job. I love helping the customers, coming up with solutions that are out of the box, getting people where they need to go; it’s fulfilling. People are asking you for help and you’re able to do it. It’s a great job to work at, it really is. Our roadside team is like a big family. Everybody works as a team and tries to make sure we’re doing the best thing for the customer and to get our job done.” -Lisa Hoyt

“Yes, I would. The whole aspect of helping people; I think that’s inherently human. We all want to be helpful to others, and this is the best way to do it. Every call you’re going to get is someone who needs help, and it fulfills your need to be helpful.” -Robert Hernandez

Interested in joining team U-Haul as a Roadside Assistance Agent? Apply today!

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