Master Techs: Going One Better

Past T4 participants visit Phoenix for T5

PHOENIX–The Master Technician Training Program challenges those who work on U-Haul trucks and trailers to never stop learning. The problem with that is the need to keep presenting them with new educational experiences. And that’s a great problem to have.

T4 events were created to answer the question “What more can a master tech do to continue training?” People who completed the week-long visit to Dearborn, Michigan, soon had to ask, “What more can a T4 graduate do to continue training?”

This summer, the U-Haul Technical Center answered that question. It hosted the first ever T5 event, giving master techs another way to increase their knowledge of U-Haul equipment.

“No matter how seasoned a technician you are, there is always something more to learn,” noted participant Michael Sukiasian. He’s a pre-inspection specialist from Kar-Go Repair Center of Las Vegas.


Master techs take a road trip

Seventeen master techs from coast to coast converged on Phoenix. They visited the U-Haul Towers and AMFORM, as well as the Tech Center in nearby Tempe. Each stop served to help technicians understand why their education is essential and how they are helping to fulfill our Primary Service Objective.

Kar-Go Repair Center of Albuquerque Pre-Inspection Specialist Scott Greenstreet regularly sees the immediate benefits of his higher-level training. “This partnership has helped to create an environment where we can provide a more reliable, higher-quality product that spends less time in a shop while keeping repair costs down,” he praised.

“I was able to quickly put the knowledge I gained to use,” Lead Person David Macdonald from Vancouver RERS related. “When I got back and faced diagnostic situations, things we covered in Phoenix led me to the answer.”

U-Haul continues to be the leader in the self-moving industry thanks to factors like the enthusiasm of the master techs who took part in T5. The only catch is that soon someone will have to answer the question: “What more can a T5 graduate do to continue training?”


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