Meet the Team: Manuel Granillo

U-Haul is a great company to work for! Often, Team Members spend many years helping to make our organization better. Manuel Granillo is no exception.

Meet the Team!

First, Manuel Granillo began working for U-Haul in July 2007 as an Overnight Roadside Assistance Agent. Later, he moved his way up through that department. He then became a Roadside Assistance Escalations Assistant Manager. Later, he moved into customer service, becoming a trainer, advocate and manager.

All his customer service experience has lead him to his current position. Manuel is a Customer Service Manager and Customer Care Manager.

Leading the Way

Customer Service is an important part to any good company. At U-Haul, our customers drive our company. Taking care of them is a priority. Granillo leads two groups of Team Members. Both groups are charged with helping our customers in different ways.

“One team is responsible for assisting customers via inbound calls,” says Granillo. “Customer service is responsible for various functions—from general inquires to documenting customer concerns for management review.”

Manuel Granillo

Besides traditional customer service, our Customer Care Team helps online. They use social media as a way for our customers to reach out to us at U-Haul. A Customer Care Team supporting U-Haul’s Social Media Marketing & Listing Management team creates a well-rounded online voice for the company.

“The Customer Care Team is responsible for assisting customers that contact us online through chat and social media,” adds Granillo. “The chat portion is initiated from when a customer may have questions about a product or service. The social media side of the team monitors mentions related to U-Haul and messages that are received from customers through various platforms.”

While leading two teams may be a huge task for some, Granillo likes his job. “I enjoy the interaction with my teams and the relationships that have been built. We work closely together to assist customers and continue to learn each day.”

Looking Toward the Future

Of course both teams are great at what they do, but there’s always room for growth.

Manuel would like to “cross-train all team members in social media to improve response times and be more readily available for customers,” Granillo says. “I plan on improving [them] by coaching each agent and expanding their  knowledge of the company, so they can assist customers more efficiently.”

Getting Personal

Manuel Granillo is a family man and has been happily married for two years and has a 9-year old son. In addition, enjoys learning new photography skills, traveling and cooking.

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