U-Haul Offers Mobile Advertising for Independent Storage Owners

For years, U-Haul has provided moving and storage solutions for customers across North America.  But did you know U-Haul also works closely with many businesses? The Self-Storage Affiliate program works with independent storage owners to give them more tools to grow their business through a storage network.  With the network and the other benefits offered, they have help to grow their business.  Storage owners can also take advantage of the Storage Affiliate Advertising Van program.  The goal of the program is to help storage owners fill their self-storage rooms by providing them with a mobile advertising method.

What is the Storage Affiliate Advertising Van Program?

The program gives each participating facility a cargo van with their logo and artwork on the van to use for mobile advertising and rentals.  Storage owners help in the creation of the artwork and messaging.  No need to worry about installing the artwork!  The can will be delivered to the business ready to use.  The owner can then decide where to advertise their storage facility.  The best part is that the advertising does not need to stand still, it can move at any time.  Customers can also rent the van to easily load or unload their storage unit.

Advertising Van Why use the Advertising Van?

The self-storage business is competitive!  The Advertising Van helps the storage facility build long-term awareness in the community.  Traditional advertising costs a lot of money. The Advertising Van is really affordable for storage affiliates.  With the Advertising Van, the owner has the flexibility to move their van whenever they want to try something new!  According to the Outdoor Advertising Magazine, 96% of those surveyed said mobile advertising is more effective than traditional advertising. Plus, with this van you earn a rental commission while the van is advertising your business and filling your storage rooms.

Why not lease or buy their own van?

  • Liability: If a storage owner leased or bought his or her own van they would have to provide insurance. One accident could jeopardize their business.  U-Haul assumes the liability on the vans that are part of the program.
  • Repair Costs: Repair costs are also backed by U-Haul and U-Haul assumes the costs of repair and maintenance.
  • Roadside Assistance: U-Haul offers roadside assistance to customers from a 24/7 call center.

What about the competition?

The goal for U-Haul is to provide a better service at a lower cost to the customers.  Competitors charge monthly maintenance, insurance and leasing fees.  Not only does U-Haul not charge those fees, but we also provide a new van every year, free delivery, a web based rental system and access to U-Haul customers.  On top of all that, this program has an annual cost of under $800 a year.

With this program, storage owners can have a cost-effective method of advertising and a strong return on their investment.  For more information visit the SAAV website.

What do you think about mobile advertising used by storage facilities?  Share in the comments.

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