Patriot Creative Group Spotlight: James Allyn Printing Inc.

U-Haul started as a small business with a solution to a problem when trying to make a one-way move.  For this reason, U-Haul is still committed to helping other businesses.  This is evident when learning more about the Patriot Creative Group program. The Patriot Creative Group helps businesses get their brand in front of more customers by using an advertising truck. Because of these Patriot Trucks, businesses can get more exposure for their business.  Below is an interview with Erin M. from James Allyn Printing, Inc., who uses the Patriot Creative Group for their advertising truck for clients like MetroPCS, as seen in the image above.

About the Business

Tell us a little about your business.

James Allyn Printing Inc. is a printing, mailing, marketing and advertising company located in Northern California. We have been in business for 30 yrs.

What made you try Patriot Creative Group?

I believe a previous client introduced us to Scott K. and we touched base with Scott on Patriot’s capabilities. He is a pleasure to work with and makes the process seamless and very easy. He helps us through every process of the job, and provides excellent support and customer service.

Advertising Truck

What business needs did you think the advertising truck would solve?

These advertising trucks were a great tool for our clients and increased exposure as well as awareness of their brand.

What do you like about the advertising truck?

We appreciate the versatility of the trucks, custom wrapping, and the availability to utilize mobile advertising.

Where have you used the truck?

We have utilized these trucks for our clients in multiple states: California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Utah and Tennessee.

Which locations have done well?

We have had success in all states.

Where do your clients typically park the advertising trucks for maximum exposure?

Our clients typically parked their trucks in prime locations, near busy intersections, along busy streets, in parking lots nearest to their location and highly trafficked area.

How have you been able to gauge success?

Our clients have confirmed success by increase of exposure, and comments from their customers.

Where do you see your business in a year?

These trucks have been used for our Telecommunications companies. We are looking into where else we can apply this product to other clients we work with. We are also looking into alternative industries.

Ultimately, U-Haul loves working with businesses to help them meet their goals whether it is with our several dealers, our storage affiliates or through The Patriot Creative Group. The Patriot Creative Group helps businesses get more exposure like it did at James Allyn Printing Inc. More exposure means more traffic and therefore, more revenue. For more information on using The Patriot Creative Group for advertising, visit their website.

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